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The ancient texts suggest that the Zen could be seen as «the way of water”, a middle way by which you flow certain «currents” that carry us to those who want to go with them. Now, the energy of the river does not waiver alone, nor the waters learn to circular cadence correct without instruments that would help. Can the Zen function like those windmills that draw the water -in this case, the energy – in some direction that will help the well-being? What is certain is that it is common to know how we would feel, but we don’t know how to get it.

Well-being is, for some people, a distant fantasy. To be something so precious, make the mistake of linking it to things of high cost: a goal only achievable in idyllic, far-away places, or through the teaching remote. With Zen Meditation, the opposite happens. The well-being not to look away because it is «near”, in the most intimate of our breathing. And has no price because its «value” lies in the fact that what we got by a decision of their own, and due to our push.

Meditation as rest

What is it, then, for us, the meditation? Something that meets an expectation of well-being that can be translated in various ways: to loosen, to make silence, to deepen one’s self, to achieve balance. In short, rest.

Unlike other practices and beliefs, the Zen doesn’t ask for any external condition (postures, spirituality, clothing). Yes, in contrast, poses with openness a requirement non-transferable: the observation of one’s self and, from there, from your own, the search of an inner balance. Without knowing you, hardly you can relax and rest.

The well-being that provides the Zen-you can see and feel in different aspects: relaxation during the day, increasing attitude and ability to rest without jeopardizing the activity, sleep improvement, etc These benefits occur because the Zen meditation focuses on balancing the breath, which provides rest (mind and heart).

It is a learning

While it is not a complex process, as all learning requires motivation to develop a practice and sustain it. There are No magic recipes, not the heavens are opened to a state perceptive of the supernatural.

In Zen meditation, things happen step by step, with the help of expert hands that accompany and smooth out. As we said at the beginning, with the assistance of the mill that helps to drag the water. Learning meditation is a path of self-knowledge, inscribed in the circumstances that each one you happen to live.

Since its origin, the meditation Zen always wanted to be an activity of individuals embedded in their cultural world and social. Zen is to be installed in the material world, to live the life of the senses and to become independent of the events. That is, to live in this world, but not to feel crushed by it. Finally, the meditation is in their own hands, waiting to be used in varied contexts. It is from them that each one is building, so guided, the tool you need.

How it works

The method of Zen has spot features.

* It is the transmission of a concrete experience (there is a teaching).

* In turn, is a personalized practice (what stance is right for me?; how do you breathe; what physical preparation?; how to recognize my body?).

* The practice is suitable for all people and it is better done in an environment of cooperative learning.

The main forms of this type of meditation Zazen, Teisho, and cast off. In Zazen, Teisho, there is a question orally of everyday topics, commented on the look of the Zen, and then a guided meditation. For its part, in REM are proposed relaxation exercises and breathing, and then continue with the guided meditation.

As we said, is not a sudden enlightenment, an inspiration nor a magic recipe. Is achieved from a tour and a deep dive on the inside of each one. But, instead, what you get can be something so wonderful and longed-for as well-being.

(Source: Entremujres.Clarín)


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