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“Meditation is the real panacea with which you can heal from the dream of matter with all its evils, and make your being as a Pure Spirit” are the words of Paramahansa Yogananda to describe meditation.

The meditative practice is part of the deep practice of yoga known as Dharana, and Dhyana. The first thing that you need to meditate is generated by a calm physical, which means to remain serene, without moving any muscle of your body. It is necessary to disconnect the power from your body to direct it to your mind. This begins to create an atmosphere of peace and calm outside.

Then you need to make silence in your mind, this means not “talk” to your thoughts or wishes. Is to concentrate all your attention on a mental point, which means disconnecting the phones of the senses, you do not need to connect to external sounds, nor tastes, nor smells. It is time to focus your attention on a mental point, which can be the breath, a mantra or mudra.

There are different techniques of meditation, in the case of the meditation of yoga, you should cancel the line of the senses. This helps to free yourself from objects that can distract and allows you to focus attention and concentrate. Concentration is the first step of meditation in yoga and its name in sanskrit is “Dharana”.

To meditate is not necessary to go to a cave far away from civilization, but you can meditate in any place. And the invitation is to meditate with intensity irrespective of the place where you should do it.

Some of the benefits of meditation is that you will always be satisfied. Will enable you to help others. Your whole body will saturate energy. It will provide you with peace and this will help you to observe what happens around you and to interact wisely with others. It will help you to react less and to be conscious of your actions.

In yoga meditation is a spiritual path of complete domination of the senses and of the vital force in the body. I invite you to meditate.

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