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El workshop fue creado para incorporar estrategias para frenar el ritmo y después poder practicarlas

The workshop was created to incorporate strategies to slow the pace and then practice them.

Nothing of change management or strategic management. Techniques and habits of wellness for the mind and for the body. That is what will be put in focus on the next workshop for members of The Platinum Card from American Express, which revolves around three axes: the yoga, meditation and mindful eating.

Under the premise “Expanded your vital energy”, the proposal is based on adopting elements of these disciplines, ancient that are still a trend and are widely disseminated in the west. It also gives you tools to learn how to use them to achieve, goals that are essential to improve the present quality of life, reduce stress, increase mental clarity and concentration, will also acquire the capacity to be fully in the present moment and to relax deeply, improve the balance of physical and spiritual, or more connected with yourself.

And this is not about matters mystical or abstract, but simple practices, of effects very concrete, whose efficacy is recognised today by the science, to generate that state that we all seek desperately: the well-being.

With that in mind, this workshop was designed to work in practices that are proven, that are able to improve the quality of life of the people, reduce physical pain, have a direct influence on the health and alter the mood.

On the one hand, we work on the basic principles of yoga and their benefits, asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and savasana (final relaxation).

There will also be a module that focuses on meditation: how to stop the constant noise of the mind, how to connect with the present moment and other benefits. And, of course, a practice of meditation, breathing, chanting OM and mantra simple, accompanied by live music.

Finally, we will propose a theoretical-practical workshop to delve deeper into the nutrition conscious, and how food affect a better quality of life.

The event, which will be held in the month of August, exclusively for members of The Platinum Card, it will also have a catering service especially designed for the occasion: fruit juices, variety of teas, fruit, granola and yogurt are some of the proposals.

Reservations can be made through the Concierge service, a wizard that solves all of the concerns and reservations on travel, events and shows, sports, restaurants, gifts and shopping.

In our complex era, we tend to be proud to do a thousand things at once, but what is certain is that enjoy costs us are increasingly.

Incorporate strategies to slow the pace and then practice them as a training aid to maintain another level of satisfaction, even among the demands of daily life. Therefore, the key to this workshop is the experience that you are going to live, and those learning, that are the true gifts that you’re going to want to carry.


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