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Meditation is a state of body and spirit that reaches the human being to improve their degree of concentration, channel the inner energy, reduce stress, and connect to and find himself. Now, in the case of children, in addition, it teaches them to be silenced, to control their emotions, to create your interior space and improve their learning ability.

In the school world and in the social interactions of today, it is common that some will have a harder time concentrating on what they should do. The distractors are infinite and by the simple fact of their status as children, it is natural that they lose attention easily and at any time.

Children need opportunities to focus, organize and work, understanding the latter as the be involved with all of their attention on the tasks that make day-to-day. For this reason, the practice of meditation you become trend and are in addition to the daily activities of the small. It is important to be clear that, for them to reach a state of meditation, there are many forms of entertainment at this concentration. Some examples might be to draw mandalas, doing yoga, or involve them in organized games and with a defined purpose.

For Ayola Costs Palacios, occupational therapist and director of the 7 Senses, to meditate is to focus. And don’t necessarily need to be immobile and in silence to achieve this concentration, what is important is having a clear goal in mind. “For example, a child who is playing a game of football with your friends, you can be perfectly in a position of meditation, where, despite being in constant motion, is concentrated on the ball, on the pitch of the opposing team, going for the goal. The child has, in such a situation, a clear purpose and with meaning,” explains the therapist.

For his part, Nicolas Mena, yoga instructor of the academy, Happy Yoga, explains that “the meditation as such is not something that is done, but that is a state that is reached, and to reach it, what is to be done are meditative practices or concentration. Once this is understood, it can be said that there are various techniques such as yoga, that help you reach that state”. There are millions of ways to get to the meditation, like focusing on the breath, an item, in a guided visualization, in an objective, and in the case already said before, to concentrate on a game significant.

Meditative practices for children must always have two moments: one concentration and another expansion. “Taking into account that, by nature, they are energetic and their times of concentration are very short, in these practices should alternate games explosive and euphoric with activities that invite them to stillness. Thus, the little will begin to recognize the difference between the states, and when in your daily life are present, for example, a moment of anger, this is them will resemble those moments of expansion, and therefore will already know react to it and control all that energy to find again the calm,” says Nicholas.

The role of parents is very important in this process, they must know acallarse and listen to their children. In addition, they must contribute to lower the amount of activities and pressures that today are put on the children. Their agendas tend to be full of activities, which sometimes are not necessary and that, on the contrary, the move away from their parents, who carry them here and there, but really don’t spend time with them. Some popes young people, in their eagerness that their children learn more and are more intelligent, they commit the error to look for activities outside, forgetting about the importance of being at home. The children have a lot to learn in the bosom of the family, so the first step is that they receive a good example and see to a few parents also able to focus on a single activity .

Yoga for children

The yoga looks for the self through meditative practices with the strengthening of the body to achieve a correct posture and, with it, to reach a state of meditation.

With the children, explains Nicolas Mena, yoga instructor, apply the same techniques but with a language that they can understand and handle. There, the benefits are clear. When children learn to control your breath, concentrate on the activity and let their ideas flow, that same will be able to do when they have strong emotions in your daily life: do not be carried away by their impulses and react with calm. The practice of yoga strengthens the capacity of concentration toward any activity in which the child is, whether in the studio, at home, or where they wish to focus. In addition, it helps to improve their relationships, learn the concept of union, acknowledge your body and become more strong and elastic, and learn to lead and channel their energy, among other benefits.

The methods of yoga are configured to bring the individual to a higher development and knowledge in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in a sense of evolution and always respecting the conscience and the time of development of each being, in the case of children, respecting their age and their abilities to learn.


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