Workshop to create powerful presentations and negotiation – EKA

Workshop to create powerful presentations and negotiation - EKA 1

Are You a leader, marketer, entrepreneur interested in communicating their ideas, products and services in a manner eloquent, consistent, and forceful with the challenge of converting sales with greater clarity, security and confidence?

Learn excellent techniques for making powerful presentations:

  1. Build your elevator Pitch (speech presentation) for meetings and to publish in social networks
  2. Get the Model of the speech neuroventas
  3. Receive the list of words magnetic
  4. Integrate your vocabulary the list of words that motivate them to take action
  5. Discover how to stimulate the substances in the brain that create a special emotional impact so that you can increase your sales

Imagine what you can achieve with these tools that resolve and give you templates and models to make powerful presentations, to recognize the purchasing strategies of their customers and the confidence that comes from being prepared to negotiate.

The real transformation that you can apply in your speech after 8 hours of the workshop, Powerful Presentations and Negotiation, it is to be able to be prepared to talk with the security, clarity and confidence, knowing what to say and how to negotiate with Words that Change Minds depending on the person in front of you and the way in which it motivates and makes decisions.

This workshop has limited seating of 20 people. Book your space.

Workshop to create powerful presentations and negotiation - EKA 2

Sergio Murillo
Business Advisor
P: +506 4001-6747
e: [email protected]

Workshop to create powerful presentations and negotiation


Facilitate company directors, sales managers and salespeople tools neuroventas, assertive communication and NLP, which allow you to express yourself and connect with audiences of one or more people with clarity and confidence.

 Benefits for the attendee:

Review techniques of discourse to create powerful presentations.

Encode, realize and respond to how to motivate individuals and groups.

Recognize and be able to make use of words that influence and motivate.

Build your speech contemplating emotions and needs of your audience.


Catalina Valencia Peña is a facilitator of international, he teaches practical workshops, tutorials and seminars to different industries and countries. He is a Master of Neuro-linguistic programming and uses tools Neuroventas, Social Networks, Motivation, Leadership, Social Selling and Personal Branding because you believe absolutely that if we connect with our purpose through our Personal Brand, we can live with fullness, to leave a legacy and make a better world.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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