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Mexico city.- With cultural events and protest, the Iztapalapa Delegation carried out an exercise of meditation to pray for peace and harmony, was the headquarters of the Third Gear LGBTTTI for non-discrimination in that district.

The Head Delegation, Dione Anguiano Flores and the driver, Luz María Zetina, led the Meditatón for the Peace of Iztapalapa, in the Sports of Salvador Allende, located in the colonia Vicente Guerrero.

The event, organized in conjunction with the Foundation Meditates Mexico, with the participation of nearly a thousand people, and had the objective of replicating a message of peace and serenity, through techniques of balance, both physical and emotional, for the whole district.

“In my tours through the colonies what they ask for the people is that no uncertainty, with this activity we want people to be jointly responsible and serene to replicate this message with conscious acts”, he declared.

The public servant said that it has planned to bring this activity to the Hill of the Star on the 5th of October, in the framework of the anniversary of the founding organizer, in which it is expected the attendance of five thousand people.

The meditation exercise was guided by the teacher Sofia Sosa and the Director Meditates Mexico, Ileana Ponce; with the goal of promoting peace in all of Mexico.

For its part, the host, Luz María Zetina, thanked the Head Delegation by who recognized feel admiration, because of the power it has to bring positive things to society.

“I appreciate so very much your heart is delivered to this space, to your community; I don’t know why they say that it is one of the delegations most conflictive if since I have not felt more than love,” he said.

Zetina argued that meditation is a tool to begin to listen to each other and know each other, to “turn those cuartitos dark”, in reference to people who exercise violence in their daily lives.

Iztapalapa became the third delegation of the City of Mexico to host the Meditatón, however the Head Delegation, Dione Anguiano, said he will lead exercises in this class to various colonies of the Delegation for replicating the model.

By the afternoon, the public servant is added to the 3rd Gear LGBTTTI, organized by the Iztapalapa Delegation to perform actions against the discrimination faced by this sector.

The conductive Fernanda Tapia, gave the banderazo output to the contingent that brought together 500 thousand people. Head of it marched, the godmother of the march and actress Ivonne Montero and the transvestite and activist, Daniel Vives Ego aka “The Súpermana”, who waved a flag purple in representation of the community LGBTTTI, for the almost four kilometers of the journey.

With a show of comedic and musical, and The Súpermana and Ivonne Montero, amenizaron the event in which the Head Delegation stressed that the first group that should eradicate the discrimination is the family.

Some of the personalities who joined the rally were activists, Denisse Malverde, Diana Melendez, the Coordinator of the Movement of Diversity, Progressive, David Santiago, as well as the transvestite known as Lady Taco Basket, who joined efforts in search of to recognize the rights of persons LGBTTTI.

Finally the Head Delegation, Dione Anguiano, acknowledged that the march culminated with balance-and-white thanked the behaviour of pedestrians and motorists who showed their support in order to give visibility to a sector of society with the same rights as the rest.


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