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Authorities of the municipality of San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Léon, taught meditation classes in elementary and secondary schools, with the aim of addressing problems of indiscipline or behavior that may affect the school environment in students.

Mayor Victor Fuentes Solis adopted at the end of last year the Wellness Program and Integration of the Individual in Society through the Science of Happiness, which were applied first to the elements of the Police of San Nicolas and is now taking place on campuses nicolaitans.

The psychologist positive Yamile Violet Aguilar, in charge also of conducting these sessions, explains that the programme is innovative and pioneering at the national level, in addition to that St. Nicholas is the only municipality in the country to implement this type of relaxation activities.

In addition, to sensitize and to humanize the work of the police, this program also allows to decrease rates of drop-out, violence and bullying, creating a myriad of benefits derived from teaching children to meditate, as for example the raising of the academic level”, explains the expert.

The sessions start with a small conference, a talk that is interactive and later comes the stage of meditation, where the students sit on the floor of the classroom, cross their legs, place their hands on the knees with the back straight and the eyes closed, begin to perform various types of breathing that would indicate the police.

At the end of the practice, the students are more relaxed and eager to express their emotions, as well as explain the basics of security.

Also, the expert explained that the Science of Happiness works constructively in the children and help to obtain self-knowledge and emotional balance, in addition to helping them interact and be happier people.

It should be noted, that this project has been tested in schools of the united States that replaced the hour of detention for meditation, obtaining good results in the students with problems of indiscipline.

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