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If you feel disconnected from yourself, stressed out, and living at a frenetic pace, meditation can help you change that situation, to have more health and be more happy. You know what is meditation and how we can make it a part of our day-to-day.

Let’s start by saying that meditation is any exercise that allows you to merge the 3 pillars of our existence: mind, body, and environment, and your integration with the same. There are meditations with the body, meditations «mental» or «virtual tours», meditations, energy meditations with movements… you Have to look for the one that best suits you.
These are the main reasons as to why yes is a good recommendation to give rise to meditation in today’s society:

1) To disengage
When you meditate you’re coming out of the collective insanity that is usually our lives. Have you noticed that today we are focused to the outside, and practically everything that we live, think and feel is conditioned by the need of external stimuli? This madness means that our life is based on what there is «outside», and this has 2 consequences: first, we lose touch with ourselves, as that constant external focus causes us to stop perceiving our inner selves or inner state. And second, we lose control over our emotional states, because in the end dependent on what is going on around you.

2) To be present
Do this little exercise. Try walking connected with yourself, feeling the pleasure of the rays of the sun, enjoying the shapes of the trees, the feel of the wind in the face, the movements of your body when walking… And look at the people around you. Mírales faces. All will walk as you do, but if you look closely, most are not aware of your presence and less of what is around you. Or, worse yet, walk with the view glued to the screen of the cell.

3) Because it changes your life
Meditation is a bridge between you and your environment. When you meditate you remove the concept of «separation», which is the great mental disease of mankind. You realize your position relative to your environment, your relationship with everything that surrounds you, is the meaning of «being present». When it happens it changes your life, because you lose the fear. We feel fear when we feel separation when we don’t know ourselves in relation to our environment, when it becomes unfamiliar and hostile. When you meditate, however, you know where you are, who you are and what is your relationship with the environment, and the fear disappears because it loses its reason for being.

4) Benefits of organic
Did you know that mri scans performed on people while they meditate, have demonstrated how meditation literally restructures the brain, creating new neural structures beneficial? Other studies have shown that meditation is more effective than antidepressant medications. In schools of the united States, for example, where it has been introduced meditation in children, have improved their performance and reduced bullying. In the background, the meditation, to be the bridge the body-mind, helps to a good physical and mental health.

5) For all
There is No human being who does not would do well to meditate. Simply ask yourself the following questions: do you feel a separation from my environment?, do I feel that what there is around me is hostile to you?, am I separate from my body and myself?, what I find difficult to understand the concept of «being present,»? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then meditate!

* Begin little by little. Five minutes well facts are better than 15 minutes in a position lotus flower with your index fingers and thumb together, but thinking of the current account or in the work of tomorrow.

* If you feel uncomfortable at any time, stop. You can retake after.

* Begin with meditations that will connect with your body; it is the greatest need that we have.

* Try to establish a routine so that the meditation part of your day-to-day. Can be 10 minutes on the Subway on the way to work or at every traffic light on red.

* Experience with various types of meditation until you find the one you feel most comfortable, and varies to keep you entertained

* Shambhala Meditation center of Santiago. It is open for the instruction of meditation, every Tuesday, from 19.30 to 21 hours. It is not necessary to book in advance, just arrive on time in comfortable clothing.

Republic of Cuba 2226, Providence

[email protected]

* Meditation center of Santiago. Every Tuesday, from 19.30 to 21 hours, meditation, Self-Realization Fellowship.
Claudio Arrau, 0230, Providence.

[email protected]

* Buddhist centre Diamond Way. Their program on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 19.30, starts with a short introductory talk on a topic about buddhism followed by a guided meditation. The main meditation is the Guru Yoga on the 16th Karmapa, in Spanish, and usually lasts for 20 minutes.
Andacollo 2131, Providence.

[email protected]


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