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SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Mar. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After listening to advice from his fans, Grammy Award winning musician Michael S. Tyrrell created a new album dedicated to helping listeners sleep and relax. His fans rewarded him by supporting the new effort, driving his new album «Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies,» to debut at Number 3 on Billboard’s New Age Chart.

«Life, Love & Lullabies» is composed with soft instruments, soothing melodies and lulling frequencies. Tyrrell wrote the music without any drums or invigorating crescendos featured on previous albums, hoping to help customers fall asleep even easier. The songs are based on the science behind musical frequencies and their impact on the mind, body and spirit.

«As an artist, it is gratifying for me to hear the stories of success from my listeners who suffer from insomnia or have children who have trouble falling asleep,» said Tyrrell. «Life, Love & Lullabies is almost three full hours of frequency-infused music that works to get you a good night’s sleep.»

The music ranges from original songs to interpretations of famous lullabies, like «Brahms’ Lullaby» which is well-known for its lyrics starting with «Lullaby and goodnight.»

«I can honestly say it’s some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever had the privilege of playing. And it was an honor to do it with the world-class musicians from the original Healing Frequency Music Project,» Tyrrell said. «But more than that, it’s truly an honor to finally be able to give you this precious gift of not only music, but tranquil, dreamy, restorative sleep.»

The best-selling album is the latest recording for Wholetones, a healing frequency music project designed to help aid health, creativity, productivity and well-being. For more information on Wholetones, click here.

«Life, Love & Lullabies» is available for purchase on the official Wholetones website and Amazon. The music was published by Barton Publishing, a widely recognized digital publisher of natural health solutions.

«At Barton Publishing, our mission is to help people lead happier, healthier lives,» said Marty M. Fahncke, Chief Marketing Officer of Barton Publishing. «Life, Love & Lullabies is proving to accomplish just that.  I’m so excited for the overwhelming positive response we’ve had from customers who have brought Life, Love & Lullabies into their homes.» 

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Praise from the initial customers of  «Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies»

«I have had a problem sleeping through the night as far back as I can remember. After playing these lullabies for a few evenings in a row, I finally had my first night’s sleep without waking up. My two kitties enjoy the music as well and are much calmer and have less anxiety about the dog in the house that they don’t want there,» said Kathleen O’Herron.

«I have had trouble sleeping for many years, and I can honestly say that this is the most relaxing and peace-inducing music that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to,» said Bob Hughes.

«My special needs son who is nonverbal autistic sleeps all through the night ever since we have the original Wholetones and the Christmas album,» said Susan Bradbury.

«Each time I played a song during my rest time, I fell peacefully into a deep sleep. These songs are very soothing to the spirit and body, easing away any worries and blocking out distractions,» said Lisa Cash. «In addition, when I sensed that my very active five- year old son needed a rest but was reluctant to admit it, I would play a song and he would peacefully drift off and wake up refreshed and happier.»

«The kids love it, and it really promotes relaxation, and peaceful sleep,» said Dolly Cason.

«I always go to sleep listening to my Wholetones. But the lullaby was really special. Like being back in your mothers arms,» said Teresa Elliott.

«My daughter and I were so excited as we listen to Wholetones almost every night as she falls asleep. She usually stirs when I leave the room but she was OUT!! This continued as we listened to a song each night,» she said Pam Kinzinger.

About Michael S. Tyrrell
Michael S. Tyrrell is the founder and president of Wholetones, Inc. Passionate about inspiring others, Michael travels nationally and internationally as a keynote and motivational speaker on the power of music. 

After 30 years in the music industry as an author, speaker, musician, composer, inventor and producer, Michael uses his past experiences to inspire and connect with various groups of people. With the unique ability to connect with people’s stories, Michael interacts and confides in his listeners in a way that promotes positivity and growth.

Marty M. Fahncke

SOURCE Barton Publishing


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