What is it to meditate? – Martha Debayle

February 2, 2017


Dora Lilia Banda


Ana Paula Santamarina
Teacher in Therapy, Rational-Emotive Behavioral, and certified with the “Primary Training Course at the Albert Ellis Institute of New York.
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Many times, when you have a decision to make you wonder what already pondered?, or comment “medítalo with the pillow.” There are thousands of types of meditation, and if we think what is the point of meeting, it would be a training of your mind, the “monkey” that we have in the head and not to speak.

• To train the mind or aplacarla you need a focus point and varies a lot depending on the technique.

• Some techniques focus on breathing, others on mandalas, others in music and movement, other images and deities. Meditation Teopragmática is something different.

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What is meditation Teopragmática?

• It is a direct connection with God, The Source, the Boss, or as we like to call, without intermediaries. Everything you feel, everything that lives is something direct with God.
• It is a cohabitation with him.

What are the features?

• You do not need any prerequisite. It is not necessary to believe anything in particular or you stop believing, you can have another path or practices.
• Does not handle rituals.
• It is multidimensional. We are a unit body/soul and this meditation encompasses all that we are. there are spiritual paths that have a different approach and that they do not consider the body, we include it and shine through it, if not other people could not feel unless they were open the same frequencies.

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Who can meditate?

• All the people, it is a myth that “I was not born to meditate, because meditation is something natural to human beings, it is as a sense more like to hear or see.

How do you connect with The Source, God or as we like to call?

• To be able to connect with God, it is necessary that you go opening your vibrational frequencies. The vibration is the form of communication that is not visible that we have all loved, the people we are like amplifiers of this by the fact that it can emanate through the body, feeling. There are billions of frequencies, while more go by opening the greater your communication with God.
• It is impossible to define what is indefinable, God is not definable, and the experience with him is unlimited. Crimes more contemptible humanity have been committed in its name, each of whom defends his own God or his own truth.

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What is the truth in spiritual matters?

The truth of the people is something that is going to change according to your experience and have 3 characteristics, they are:

• Staff, because the order according to who you are, what you have experienced.
• Partial, because we do not know everything.
• Local, because it is very influenced by the place where you live.

• It is extremely important to be respectful of what everyone believes, but we know that throughout their process in the Meditation Teopragmática, that truth is going to be changing.
• As you having that experience with God, will be totally different than when you came.

Questions that I can do:

How did you come to meditation?
How have you broken paradigms?
What has changed in your life?
What experiences you have attracted more attention?
How do you live the death of a loved one when you meditate?
How do you live a separation or divorce?
What makes you happy?
How have you handled your Parkinson’s?
How is your relationship with God?

“In this way everything is a surprise, I didn’t know that today was going to be talking about this”

February 2, 2017


Dora Lilia Banda



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