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June 06, 2017, 12:45 pm.

Scientific experts point out that meditation increases the blood flow in the genital area and therefore increases the level of excitement, achieving a good performance in the bed. Find out this, and other reasons for which you should start to meditate so that your sexual relations will improve.

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The website Eme of Women reported that the University of British Columbia in Canada conducted a study and concluded that meditation helps to the sex life especially to women. According to the investigation, to obtain all the positive points of this relaxation technique you must meditate three times a week for 25 minutes. This time is sufficient for a better performance in bed.


Studies have confirmed that stress and tension are greatly diminished sexual desire. This is because the body experiences physiological changes, which in long term can cause health problems.

When the mind is overwhelmed and thinking of other things, not to concentrate on the couple, but the meditation will help to eliminate those negative effects making relax the mind and muscles of the body.

Tener una pareja relajada ayuda a un mejor desempeño sexual


Other research from Georgetown University, indicates that during the meditation is reached to release a lot of endorphins. These neurotransmitters hormonal help to reduce the level of stress, distress, anger and depression.

If you practice meditation one hour before having sexual relations will put you in a state of joy and total calm, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a better sex life.


Experts say that meditation has great benefits in the circulation of the blood, which is ideal for the development sexual.


Studies have confirmed that people who meditate regularly tend to have more intense orgasms. In addition to achieve a higher level of closeness with the couple.


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