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As well as a virus in the body affects health, and one that spreads on the Internet, infects a computer, the virus mental – a concept derived from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) -are formed by chains of beliefs and paradigms that are present generally from the child and act in a manner harmful to our emotions, our behavior and, ultimately, reducing our quality of life.
To a greater or lesser extent, these limiting beliefs affect all people, and threaten the dreams and projects. However, to recognize them, work with them and, finally, turn them off it is possible. In this note, the specialists give the formula to achieve it and to benefit from a life in balance.

First step: get to know them
In his work Identification and change of beliefs Robert Dilts (a pioneer in NLP) seems to be the first to refer to the virus mental at the mention of the existence of strategies that lead to situations that are self-destructive, whose purpose is to sabotage the efforts to achieve the objectives. Later, in Eliminating viruses, mental health with NLP, Donald Lofland develops and expands the concept. According to these authors, Axel Persello, director of the American Institute of Training and Research (IAFI), explains that “a virus of mind is a belief that may not be up-to-date. That is to say, that as much as the person to take data from the reality of their experiences or change their values, he fails to realize that he can be questioned. As well, the belief is a limiting, not allowing you to progress, improve or accept. For example, the idea that there is always that please, can be reformulated by the one who realizes that this doesn’t get results. However, if it is a virus, you will find explanations to keep believing the same thing and trying to please him permanently”.

“A virus of mind is a belief that may not be up-to-date. That is to say, that for most of the person to take data of the reality, he fails to realize that it could be questioned”.

Daniel Colombo, coach expert in CEO and senior management, adds that, in general, the virus mental “by learning that each one made it until the seven years of life. They formed some patterns that transform in a negative way the results of what you want to achieve,” says the specialist.
Another one of the characteristics of the limiting beliefs is that, like any other virus, is passed. “Usually, the parents and the environment. And also you can infect others who we have around. Thus, the virus mental run through the family tree, preventing us from corrernos of the place that we was determined to have absorbed mandates in childhood. These formulas mental we impoverish and we are undervalued, generating self-destructive behaviors,” says ms. Marian Kersz, a psychologist and sexologist specialist in therapies partner.

Transformation is possible
As explained by the professionals consulted, it is very difficult to escape the belief already that always ended up taking a information as if it were the absolute truth. “This is called introyecto or mandate, and has the characteristic of becoming a virus. In recent years, for example, was the idea that, to be linda, the woman has to be skinny. And, even though we may realize that it is not so, the society continues to consume the thinness as a synonym of beauty,” says Persello.
As can be seen, the virus can have a negative influence on people. “The guilt, the resentment, the fear, the negative thinking, the complaint is ongoing, the inability to connect with others, the lack of communication and empathy, are some of them. Being so frequent, they are accepted socially as normal when, in levels that pass the thresholds tolerable, become rate-limiting”, warns Colombo.
The good news is that, with awareness and perseverance, transform the negative into positive is possible. The key is to recognize viruses of the mind that affect us, turn them off and replace them with the appropriate antivenoms. “There are various effective tools, such as coping techniques, creative visualization, mental models, neurocoaching 4D, management and control of stress and anxiety and reprogramming with NLP,” says Colombo. Persello, in turn, highlights the importance of the role of the coach: “When people make contact with your sadness, because of what he shows them, decide to leave aside viruses, even at the expense of knowing that they are changing part of their identity” summarizes the expert.

Weapons of liberation

1. Keeping a position open to changes.
2. Work on the behaviors limiting in general.
3. To observe the prevalence of fear as a condition of the vital balance.
4. Draw upon disciplines of introspection and interior depth.
5. To stimulate the awareness of the enormous potential of each human being.
6. Not to minimize what tells a person from his or her construction of a autocharla negative. It is the best thing that you can make up the time.
7. Use techniques of “ecology-verbal”. To change the language allows for more flexible paradigms of mental (beliefs that the person gave them so much power that already are undisputed).
8. Improve the environments in which it interacts with the person. If you are surrounded by intoxicated people with viruses mental, it is practically impossible that it can evolve.
9. Keep a record of the progress however small they may be.
10. Accept and understand that the virus mental affect all of us. The key is what do we do with it and how to avoid invalidating our life.

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