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Confirmed / recent research suggests that mindfulness meditation can help relieve the pain and improve the memory by the control of a wave of the brain known as the alpha rhythm, which»lower the volume? of the distractions.

In a small study, researchers found that those participants using meditation were better able to modulate the waves,» when they were told where to direct their attention» after finishing a course of eight weeks, in comparison with a control group that did no meditation.

«Meditation of mindfulness has been reported to enhance numerous mental abilities, including rapid memory retrieval?, said study co-author Catherine Kerr, of the Center for Biomedical Imaging Martino at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Osher Research Center of Harvard Medical School, in a news release provided by Massachusetts General.»Our discovery that the meditators attention more quickly adjusted the brain wave that screens of distraction could explain their greater ability to remember quickly and incorporate new facts.?

The alpha rhythm plays a role in the process of the cells that the senses, such as touch, sight and sound in the cortex of the brain. That helps the brain ignore distractions, helping a person to care while many things are happening, the authors of the study.

The findings»may explain reports that mindfulness meditation decreases pain perception?, added Kerr.»Increase of the ability to turn the alpha rhythm up or down can give the ability of practitioners to more to regulate the sensation of pain.?

The new research could also help explain how meditation can affect the brain function of the base, said study co-author Stephanie Jones, of the Centre de Martino.

«Given what we know about how alpha waves arise from electrical currents in sensory cells in cortical, these data suggest that practitioners of mindfulness meditation, you can use the mind to enhance regulation of currents in white cortical cells. The implications go far beyond meditation and give us clues about possible ways of helping people to better regulate the brain rhythm that is dysregulated in the disorder of attention deficit hyperactivity and other conditions,» he said in the press release.

The study was published online on April 21, prior to its publication in the journal Brain Research Bulletin .


Confirmed: Oriana Fields

VENEZUELA: Meditation of the brain to block the distractions

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