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The Sun of Margarita / 13 Aug, 2017 | Many diseases, a single remedy meditation.

As the science and technology that have transformed our lives outside are a phenomenon mainly of the west, the East belongs to the main source, which can transform our inner life.

Nowadays meditation has become a universal phenomenon helps us to illuminate our outer world and our inner world.

But during that phenomenon of globalisation have arisen many false ideas, which is something religious which consists in sitting down, adopting certain postures are sometimes awkward, put face well to disguise your discomfort, maybe even reciting a mantra, or chanting an esoteric sound.

Our meditation holistic is something simple and current, and it is the natural component of a contemporary way of life ever more essential.

Meditation is essentially the art of being conscious, of being aware of what is happening inside you and around you.

Despite the fact that meditation is not a technique we have a simple method for learning to meditate, taking as a basis that meditation is not thinking, and as you go learning to meditate, she will be able to accompany you where you are, at work, on vacation, at any place.

Most of us have been taught that to succeed in life you must fight, fight, focus, focus. The problem of this approach is that when more we struggle the more tense we get, and the more tense we are worse. The point of view of the meditation is to understand that to get the best out of ourselves, to give the best in every moment and receive the best of every moment, we need to be more aware posiblesy that to be conscious we have to be relaxed.

Such are the pressures that there has never been a world as restless as it is now. We have never been so tense, this technique designed by us, is a proposal for contemporary people.

VENEZUELA: Meditation

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