A great form of meditation is running – Journal One

Among all types of physical training that is, running is one of the most popular and also one of the most healthy (as long as the physical condition personnel permits and right-headed). On the other side and almost in parallel, in what refers to the mental care and emotional, meditation is gaining more and more followers.

Certainly, running has many advantages. Running is good for the heart and also for the mind. Thus, it is not strange that the mind starts to wander when you’re running, regardless of whether the thoughts are related to the training itself or with something very different.

In this sense, a good training occurs when the mind and the body acquire the same rate, although they work in different spaces.

The magic of meditation

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing the attention in order to clear the mind and reduce anxiety. Learning to focus can help you to disconnect from the concerns that insidiously slip into the current of your thoughts. In this sense, running can be a great activity to liberate the mind and change the points of tension in our body, so that tension/force try to modify in motion.

The meditation does not only calm, but also has other benefits for those who practice it. It has been shown that meditation helps reduce stress and stimulates the production of hormones that make up our strong resistance against the depression. Meditation, to be related to the attention, it can also help us deal with the pain and even help to improve the architecture of our brains by strengthening the synaptic connections that for us are more important.

There are many ways to develop a practice of meditation and mindfulness, and there is no need to put candles, burn incense or sit on special cushion in a specific way. In fact, when you’re deeply involved in any activity you can adopt an attitude of meditation. Running is one of these activities because when done well it allows us to flow.

Runners often talk about running is like a balm, a way of navigating through their problems, escape from negative thinking or overcome personal demons. Beyond the need for physical exercise, even to excel physically (more time, faster each time) the need arises to be overcome emotionally. If I can with this, I can with everything.

Running is a rhythmic movement and the natural that allows the energy to flow through our body and try to modify in motion. It turns out that, when running stimulates meditation, body and mind become stronger. In this sense, a study of 2016 published in Translational Psychiatry found that the combination of guided meditation with running or walking reduced the symptoms of depression by 40 percent for participants who had received that diagnosis before the start of the study.

The key to all this is that running facilitates the focus of attention, especially when we took time practicing the race distance and our movements are automated and the degree of suffering becomes much more controllable. It is at this time when we are «throwing» of the body to accompany the body, giving rise to a kind of hypnosis that comforts us inside.

Running makes our current thinking is to slow down. It gives us a new perspective, a new mood.


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