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In one of the most populated cities and frenetic world to find a parcel of peace and quiet may seem impossible. A novel place that operates inside a truck now offers the possibility of pausing and taking a breath.

Since may, Kristin Westbrook, founder of Calm City, she is a certified teacher of meditation. She teaches courses express in this truck old that she renovated and transformed into an oasis of calm for those who crave to stop in a hurry, in the midst of the chaos and hustle and bustle city.

“It’s kind of proven, fast, convenient, of what meditation is. The do mindful meditation breathing-mind, which is one of the foundations of this state of total mental,” explains Kristin Westbrook.

The goal is to bring the technique of meditation to the street so fast and immediate in the same way that you operate food trucks across the city. The sessions are 10 minutes, cuestan10 dollars and the truck can fit 9 people.

“It’s a reset total a reset total. Regardless of the level of stress, soothes you completely, I remember that breath, reminds you that you internalize, you remember, feel your feet and you fall, it’s perfect,” says Susan Gills, participating in the meditation sessions.

Westbrook conceived the idea of creating a meditation space for easy access to the public in 2016, when he worked as a creative director in a company in Rockefeller Center.

“People can come to your office and walk around outside when the truck is parked out there, they can find our location on the network,” adds Kristin Westbrook.

The project, still in pilot phase, is the first of its kind in the united States. Currently there is another truck in Detroit that adopted the business model.

“It was surprising, surprising. It was wonderful that people can do something as well,” says for its part, Susan Gills, participant in the sessions.

The truck changes location every day, but what is most important is that you’re planting seeds of wellness in those people that experienced the pause and stopped the rush.

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