Tyrese Gibson’s home village allows famous friends to relax in peace – Music News

Tyrese Gibson built his own restaurant, coffee house, and nightclub in his own backyard so he and his famous friends could hang out in peace.

The singer and actor famously invited Aziz Ansari and his pals to dine at his fully-functioning Japanese hibachi-style eatery, based on the popular Benihana, on his Los Angeles estate to celebrate the comedian’s Best Comedy Series Critics Choice win for Master of None last year (16), and Aziz couldn’t stop raving about the experience.

Tyrese had the private restaurant built on his property in 2012, and has since added his own Starbucks cafe, club, recording studio, and spa to the grounds, and he reveals it’s all so he can invite high-profile guests to relax with him away from the glare of the paparazzi.

“With this level of people, they can’t necessarily go to public restaurants in L.A.,” he tells People.com, name-checking the likes of Will Smith, his Fast & Furious franchise co-star Vin Diesel, and directors Michael Bay and David O. Russell.

“You can’t eat a piece of salmon with mashed potatoes in a restaurant without feeling like somebody’s filming,” he continued. “So that became the motivation to create this world in my backyard where people could finally feel like they could be around girls and vibe and music and energy.”

However, the newlywed insists get-togethers at his luxury pad aren’t like the wild bashes hosted at the Playboy mansion.

“Girls aren’t running around with their boobs and butt out,” he laughs. “This is a fly and sophisticated place where any man that’s married can bring his wife, and any man that’s single can come and catch a vibe.”

However, there’s one restaurant guaranteed to entice Tyrese to eat out every once in a while – seafood chain Red Lobster.

The 38-year-old was recently named a new spokesperson for the eatery, and he cannot get enough of the meals, which he insists are such great value for money, he’s spent $7,500 (£5,800) there in the past two years.

“Red Lobster has a unique way of putting all of this food in front of you, so you actually feel like you’re stealing,” he explains. “You’re thinking, ‘Man, I hope they don’t realise all of this s**t is in front of me, and they’re giving it to me at this price. I hope somebody doesn’t walk up to my table and say, ‘We’re sorry. We made a mistake. You’re getting too much food. There was a typo on the menu.'”


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