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One such Albert Einstein used to say that the problems of a certain importance are resolved more easily reach a higher level. That is precisely what they are looking for those who meditate: gain a different perspective on life. In those moments, not even the individual exists and they are breathing, the peace and the clarity in which you take control. Experts say that the benefits of meditation are many, but, is it compatible with other activities? Can you, for example, to combine the time that we invest in going out to play sport at the park with meditation exercises and mindfulness?

Few things are more boring than running when you don’t know what music to listen to, or what podcast get. For this reason, we asked two masters of meditation how to squeeze the most out of the time of the race to the open air while we come in contact with our ‘I’ inside.

It is perfectly possible to meditate while we run,” says Juan Manzanera, psychologist and expert on spiritual development. However, he differentiates between different types of meditation, which he defined as “a formula to direct attention to something in a sustained and continuous.” Then open up several possibilities: “The most simple is to focus on the rhythm of the breath in short periods of attention. For example, if we run for twenty minutes, we can concentrate several times by spaces of two or three minutes, counting the times that we breathe without anything more to distract us”. Another formula is to focus on the movement of the body, from head to feet, experiencing all the sensations that generate in us.

And, is it necessary a previous preparation? Manzanera understand that you are not. “Just to be clear about what there is to do and to be motivated. All of this will be useful not only during the race, but in all situations of life,” he insists. Although it also explains that another type of meditations require more preparation.

Transcendental meditation, the technique that fuses body and mind

The transcendental meditation listed in the meditation of self-transcendence and is unique for its simplicity and naturalness. According to the master Rubén Sánchez, the technique was imported to the West by the master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. “With this meditation reach the highest levels of coordination of mind and body, making the athlete release your peak performance level and feel invincible”, explains Sánchez.

In addition, the professor points out that the practice is easy and natural because it does not require any effort, giving us some amazing results. In essence, supposed to coordinate the mind and the body to the maximum by reducing stress. Applied to the race and the sport, transcendental meditation can become a sort of ironman capable of anything. But, how do we approach its use? Sanchez explains: “you have to practice it twice a day, sitting comfortably and with eyes closed. We use the nature of the mind to experience higher levels of energy, peace and performance, turning our attention inward to optimize our brain functioning, physical and emotional.”

In this way, we can access the transcendental consciousness in a systematic way and thus be able to develop our highest levels of performance during the exercise. Sanchez adds that the benefits of this meditation beyond any previous conception. He has worked with several international organizations forming to athletes, coaches, and even managers from the world of sport, in addition to celebrities and personalities of success in different fields. His last collaboration has been with the German football club Borussia Dortmund, in which both players and coaches have learned how to increase their performance and to deal with the competitive stress.

In case outside little, other names of the ‘sport king’ in support of the benefits of transcendental meditation. The three-time world He depicted in his biography the experience he had during a match: “I Felt a strange calm that I never had before. It was a kind of euphoria. I felt that I could run all day without getting tired, that could take down any opponent, that I could overcome it physically.”

Something similar happened to Andrés Iniesta who, after scoring the winning goal in the 2010 World championship, said “having had the feeling of being alone with the ball, as when you see an image in slow motion. It is hard to listen to the silence, but I did it. I knew I was going to mark”. Ruben Lopez, athlete olympic Spanish, also shared a similar experience: “you Have the impression that the mind has no limits, that there are no walls that confine it; you notes open to all. The movements come with ease, one behind the other”.

So, whether it is on a level not too high as in one more professional, it is possible to squeeze in moments of abstraction that we come when we are running by the park to practice a meditation that helps us to know ourselves better. “Once in this state, we must only worry about enjoy matter-of-factly of what happens to us,” says Sanchez, who promises that, if you dare to try it, “running will never be the same.”


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