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Are you ready to change the chip? Do you want to finally take the reins of your life? Do you want to put an end to that empty feeling caused by the routine that you eat day to day? Do you want to do away with the stress that consumes all of your energy and you don’t know how to stop it? Since then, the meditation is exactly what you’re looking for. It is one of the practices that are so necessary for our well-being that if you really were aware of the benefits it provides we wouldn’t hesitate even a second in getting us to exercise it; and this is not what we say ourselves, but that there are studies that claim.

Our mind plays with us, and the skepticism, ignorance, or wanting to defend ourselves from any external agent that put in check to our thoughts gives us a feeling of rejection which means that we cannot know who we really are. We have some 60,000 thoughts per day of which 99% always have to do with our past and our future. We make plans, we propose situations still non-existent or well we hold on to memories that no longer exist in our present life.

The mind we boycott constantly and we don’t realize, that is why it is so important to begin to focus more on ourselves. It is time to leave behind the contempt, the auto, the impatience… and open the doors to the present. This weekend we were lucky enough to attend the Seminar, “I Now,” taught by Ursula Calvo, Ursula Calvo Center. Through his personal experience, Ursula tries to make us see that the change we are looking for is possible. With the help of his teacher and mentor Deepak Chopra, the life of this entrepreneur gave a turn of 180 degrees 12 years ago, which led him to venture into the world of meditation and to fulfill one of his dreams: devote today to pass it on to others.

This Seminar offers two days full of learning as necessary as it is enriching for any person, where the sole objective is to help us to open our minds: “we Pay attention to a 2% of the stimuli that come from outside, and we focus only on those that confirm our beliefs. This causes that we do not see the opportunities that life gives us, we are losing!”, explains Ursula during the Seminar.

What experiences we live daily?

In our day-to-day we live constantly these four experiences:

1. Sensations
2. Emotions
3. Images
4. Thoughts

But, what this can give us clues of who we are? “No, we are not this,” says Ursula. “The brain is the one who allows us to have the experience. The world is an interpretation of our brain. In the 50 years began the study of the science of consciousness: learn how to connect body and mind for us to meet with our “I” with the present”. And to be able to connect with ourselves we need to do it through meditation.

The pain is inevitable but suffering is an option. Buddha.

The transcendental meditation

Throughout this Seminar we were able to begin with the learning. Meditation can make it around the world, it only takes a series of guidelines and know how to put them into practice. There are different types of meditation but Ursula bet for the teaching of transcendental meditation, his time, the most widely used on Wall Street. It is the replacement of thoughts and there is that “train the mind to work better with the time, it is a matter of practice,” he says.

In the first place should be a process enjoyable for us, without force, with the sole aim of connecting with our “I”. Leave aside all of the thoughts generated by our mind for a few minutes and enter into the space of reverie where you find peace, harmony, joy and well-being. To achieve this, this meditation is performed with the use of a mantra, that is to say, a word that lacks meaning and that, therefore, makes it calm our mind and achieve not think of anything. But we must be clear that: “thoughts are part of the process of meditation. There is a space between thought and thought where our brain is not thinking about anything, that is the space in which only you Are, connect with you. Once you start to repeat the mantra, you go to that space of silence without even realizing it, naturally,” explains Ursula. If again we lurk thoughts, we observe them, we let them go and continue repeating the mantra mentally.

Don’t expect to have a supernatural experience: “do Not meditate to have an extraordinary experience, but for our life to be extraordinary. What happens during the meditation is precisely what you need at that moment, the body is wise”, he adds.

Everything is in you. You are pure potential. There is always an option. Ursula Calvo.

Where and how to perform the meditation

  • Find a quiet place (can be inside, outside, the airplane, a waiting room…) any site it is good to meditate.
  • Try to always be at the same time.
  • Sit in a chair with a straight back and a position that is comfortable.
  • Close the eye and make 3 or 4 deep breaths in, at this time is when you really are in the present moment and aware.
  • Raise our “intentions of life”. Ursula calls them the questions of the Soul: “Who am I?”, What is it that I want”, “what is it you really want?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How can I help myself and help others”, why should I feel grateful.” You don’t have to answer these questions, but simply say them to yourself in silence and let them go.
  • We begin to repeat the mantra.
  • The ideal duration is 30 minutes, but to begin with 20 minutes is sufficient.
  • It is advisable to do it two times a day: in the morning before starting the activity and at the end of the afternoon, before dinner.

We recommend to begin to practice it the help of a qualified instructor to learn how to carry them out and thus avoid to leave by not using the correct technique.

Reasons to start practicing meditation

“I don’t know why but it all started to go well. Things are going fucking your way,” said one of the participants of the Seminar. Everyone who practices meditation note the changes in your day-to-day before or after, just be consistent and integrate it in your life as a habit. The benefits that meditation brings us are many:

1. The first and most identifiable is the release of stress.
2. It helps us to open our minds.
3. We see that the life offers us many options. “We got to see that we have options and we managed to get out of the prison in which we live normally,” explains Ursula.
4. Improving the relationships personal.
5. Produces changes at a spiritual level: fun, joy, your wishes are met with greater ease…
6. Everything is more easy.
7. We face the day-to-day more relaxed.
8. We get that harmony reigns.
9. We learn to stop and take consciousness of the moment we are in. We get to be aware of our present and forget the future worries that do not exist.
10. It enhances our intuition.

If you want to see all the modules and activities that it offers “Me Now” you just have to enter in the website of the Centre and inform you. Really, worth.

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