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Top 25 Best Hangover Songs

This week’s traditional Wednesday Question saw the people of UG community discussing the matter of greatest songs to listen to during a hangover. Based on your votes and more than 200 comments, we summed this one up to a traditional Top 25 rundown, make sure to check it out below.

We’d like to single out such nominations as Sandy’s «Texas Song» from «SpongeBob SquarePants» or just «anything by Bob Marley» – as well as our pranksters’ nomination «Anal Cunt – Hitler Was a Sensitive Man.» Plus another honorable mention will be: «Hangover TV is the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.»

With all these things out of the way, the actual top awaits below!

25. Ween – Booze Me Up and Get Me High

You folks decided to kick things off with «Booze Me Up and Get Me High» by Ween. With its lyrics and sound, it’s almost an ideal song for hangover.


24. Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis

Slow-paced and heavy, the masterpiece of stoner metal gods Electric Wizard, «Funeralopolis» is next – and it doesn’t matter if you’re wasted on alcohol or anything else.


23. Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Relaxing, dream-like «I Will Possess Your Heart» by Death Cab for Cutie is another great addition to your hangover soundtrack.


22. Liam Lynch – Still Wasted

You’re still wasted? Having a really hard morning? Then «Still Wasted» by Liam Lynch will be just ideal.


21. Green Day – Brain Stew

Are you on your own? Then Green Day’s «Brain Stew» is next! And if you wanna escape from your hangover – actual album version of «Brain Stew» is joined with «Jaded,» try it 🙂


20. Alice in Chains – No Excuses

Up next is «No Excuses» by Alice in Chains with its exceptional mood…


19. Zakk Wylde – Between Heaven and Hell

Zakk’s voice accompanied by acoustic instrumentation and harmonica – do you need something else for your hangover morning?


18. Mr. Bungle – Pink Cigarette

Relaxing, almost jazzy mood of this tune by Mike Patton and company held this tune to No. 18. Be warned of the beeping at the end of the song 🙂


17. Nirvana – Something in the Way

Quiet and totally deppresed, «Something in the Way» is ideal if you’re in the same mood…


16. Black Label Society – Hangover Music Vol. VI [whole album]

Zakk Wylde again – but now with Black Label Soceity and an appropriately-titled album «Hangover Music Vol. VI.»


15. Kyuss – Space Cadet

Mellow and trippy, «Space Cadet» by Kyuss will help you to travel with your hangover.


14. Deftones – Ordinary Love

The whole «B-Sides & Rarities» album (which also tops our previous Best B-Sides & Rarities Albums list) is calm enough to accompany your hard morning, but you vote particularly for this unique cover of the Sade’s song.


13. Queens of the Stone Age – I Think I Lost My Headache

First with Kyuss, and now with QOTSA, Josh Homme is again on the list. If you have a really heavy hangover – maybe this tune is just for you.


12. Lou Reed – Perfect Day

You are in a depressing mood, don’t want to move – put some Lou on…


11. The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

Lou Reed takes the next place as well! «Sunday Morning,» performed by The Velvet Underground & Nico, will be great for every morning, not only Sunday.


10. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

A frequent participant in almost all UG tops, «Comfortably Numb» by Pink Floyd is next. Just «relax»…


9. ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses

The moody song with its lyrics, «Cheap Sunglasses» by ZZ Top is great for your lazily cheerful hangover. Just go get yourself a CHEAP pair of sunglasses!


8. Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down

Maestro Johhny Cash is at No. 8, bringing his «Sunday Morning Coming Down» for your hard morning.


7. Mastodon – Oblivion

Not a typically «calm» song, «Oblivion» by Mastodon is next. You voted for this one because of the tune’s soothing vocals and guitar solo, which can ease down a hangover.


6. Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme

A genuine masterpiece by Angelo Badalamenti, which also found its place on UG community’s Greatest Movie Scores list, the haunting and touching «Twin Peaks Theme» can easily help you to relax after a hard night.


5. The Beatles – I’m So Tired

Are you really tired after the party? Then this classic Beatles’ tune is just for you!

4. The Offspring – The Worst Hangover Ever

The song’s title says it all – «The Worst Hangover Ever» by The Offspring will be an ideal soundtrack for your dreadful morning.


3. Faith No More – Easy

And Mike Patton is again on the list, taking the bronze with one of the biggest hits from Faith No More – calm and relaxing cover of Commodores’ tune «Easy.»


2. Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

And silver is going to the real masterpiece by Black Sabbath, trippy and mellow «Planet Caravan.»


1. The Doors – Riders on the Storm

And the gold this week is taken by The Doors! To quote jamoneverdies, «Anything by the Doors is hangover music.» It’s the timeless «Riders on the Storm» with its trippy mood took no. 1 on our list.


0. John Cage – 4’33»

And we decided to put this absolute masterpiece by John Cage on the list too! Hangover is a hard time for any music – with an exception of «4’33″»!


That’s all folks; we hope you enjoyed the top, stay tuned until next week for another WQ!


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