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In the mid-70’s, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, set out to find out what it is that leads to two psychotherapists famous of the US to be as effective at the time of obtaining their results. In their research, they discover some rules verbal both used within your communication, and that became the basis of their effectiveness.

So began the NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, a set of methods and techniques that can be applied in the day-to-day in order to achieve goals and improve quality of life.

We treat this topic with José de Zor, a psychologist and clinical partner didactic of the Spanish Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming, who says that we talk about “programming because our software mental there are a number of programs with which we function in life. Are reflected in our neurological basis, hence neuro and linguistics because they are expressed through our verbal and nonverbal language”.

He says that the non-verbal portion is even more relevant than the verbal: gestures, how we sat, act, etc.; all this defines our total communication.

Objective of the NLP

The NLP is based on unravelling the programs that we run and modify them to use them to our benefit.

“We may have some patterns of communication, inadequate, normal or improvable. The NLP allows you to communicate better in any area of our human activity, whether it be family, personal, professional or social,” says the clinical psychologist.

The expert states that possess “a certain analogy with the computer” because we have a series of preset programs genetically, or that we have learned, that are the ones that make you to function for the life.

This “software of mind” can be improved with the neuro-linguistic programming because it offers us “a series of new programs” to improve the one you already have and makes us to function much better.

“Reprogram is to make refuncionar those beliefs, values, and all of the content that we have within to re-establish, in a more effective manner, the functioning of the internal programs to aid us in our life,” says José de Zor.

EFE/Emilio Naranjo.

EFE/Emilio Naranjo.

Everything is modifiable and upgradable

“You can change any thing that make us conscious of the patterns that are running in the life. It is possible to change those parts or that part of the software that is faulty or you want to improve, to begin to act in a different way,” says the doctor.

The NLP states that there are three bases of human software:

The visual: people who process things through images
The hearing: the focus on the things you say
The kinestésicos: those who feel things, including the senses of smell and taste

“The human being has these three operating systems basic, if I translate what you say to your operating system, I’ll get it to you much better. For example, if I say “I love you”. For a visual person it will be important to see how what I say, if in my face there is joy or emphasis. In a hearing, it will be important to the tone, form or how it gets to my voice. And if it is kinesthetic, should be accompanied with a tactile feel, with a grip, for example”, explains the psychologist.

We all have these three levels, but there is always one reference in each person and the NLP is “to unravel how it is that software” to better communicate what we want to convey.

Coaching and education

These two practices are “cousins” because the coaching is to improve the person through techniques and many “use NLP as a tool” in their preparations.

The first thing that is taught in the study of NLP is: “What is important is not what you say, but how you say it”. The clinical psychologist recommended that all, including children, to start in this practice because it improves the life in general.

“The NLP as applied to education in children has excellent results, I have proven, the power to give children tools to cope better with things and to better communicate, provides them with both the life as the study”, says José de Zor.

This practice can be studied in various centres and in the universities as a qualification of their own. “Every time this taking up more and more accepted, in addition , all the studies that are done recently the support,“ concludes clinical psychologist.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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