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According to the author, the book “Mental Game” (Dunken) began as a technical manual for learning the tools of Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP, carried to a language that is “more flat”. “The advance in the writing, I realized that I was turning much of what I had already read, so I started to think about how to give back and to look at history,” says Laura Peralta, a lawyer, mediator and specialist in NLP to THE GAZETTE.

Four years ago he began to write a book spilling all that he had learned in his years in the profession and as a teacher of NLP. “Mental game” is composed by nine chapters that relate to the history of the protagonist. A man who goes up to a train has nine carriages and each one of us lives an adventure and has to make decisions.

“When I was writing the story, locked up in the mediation center where I worked, I did not know what was going to happen to the character. I knew that to get to the wagon number nine should end, but I never knew how until I got to that point,” explains Peralta.

“The book is a different way of learning NLP”, says the author and adds that one can go to the fictional character and read the theory later, or do the opposite. “The book is also a game”.

Using the tools of neuro-linguistic programming people can improve their skills, communicational. “Some of our students, using the tools, they were able to understand the difficulty that they had with some link. You open the head and you realize that you have more options to interact. It’s your choice to do it or not.”

How was the publishing process?

The book I let it sleep for a year and I two things happened that made me decide to publish it. The first was to get me out the expectation as a result of the project. I don’t care what happens after the edit on the book. I wanted to see the book physically printed, but wanted to know what happened after. You can spend all-or-nothing, then the fear that nothing had really happened what you do. If nothing happens, it’s a frustration. Then I decided to correrme of this place, and that my expectation were to materialize the book.

The second was correrme of criticism, the gaze of the other: what happens if you don’t like anyone?
For example, the first time I read it I felt a lot of shame. But I thought: “I have to correrme of the gaze of the other” and of mine, which was the hardest. The day I saw it printed was a moment of absolute happiness. The dream was already materialized”.

The book, which is presented today, will begin to be sold in chain bookstores, Yenny, and so on-line through Tematika.

The presentation of the “Mental Game” will be today at 19 in Pueyrredón 480.

About the author

Laura Peralta was born in Salta, argentina, in 1977. Is a lawyer mediator and university professor of Legal Sciences. Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, has a background in theatre and public speaking. He currently serves in the Human Resources area of an agency of the state, and conducts a radio program on the topics of mediation and communication.

Today presents the book “Mental Game”, a different way of ... - La Gaceta Salta 1

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