“To a large extent, life is what you tell” – The Voice of Tandil

We spoke with Mauricio Gutierrez, who began this year to give cognitive therapy with coaching in our city.
What is the job?
Give cognitive therapy with ontological coaching and sumo tools of different areas. Attend to issues such as depression, anxiety and stress as well as serve as a coach or guide for people to undertake or improve their projects, and stop to postpone.
How is this different from traditional therapy?
-My sessions are different and with different methodology. As my goal is to achieve that quickly realize their patterns of mental, emotional, and behavioral, to not only assume the role of therapist, but sometimes I put myself in the place of educator of the functioning of the mind and our emotions or the counterparty to discuss arguments or motivator in some cases. I am involved enough in the dialogue, guiding them to achieve self-awareness not only in the duration of the session, but also in your everyday life.
My methodology is flexible and I’ll be watching what each person needs in each moment. First I see how serious it can be a problem because you may have to be serviced in parallel by a neurologist or psychiatrist. Then, we started teasing out the process of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Work with a whiteboard with fibrones of colors and I am looking for the person to see clearly what is happening in its interior. After that, I point to the core problems which are always, in my opinion, fear and desire. And from there I give him tools with which we work together and then give them duties that put them into practice in their lives and prizes along the way.
You mentioned at the beginning that you used to work with different tools, What are they?
Breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness or mindfullnes, exercises, role-playing, where we’ll simulate situations of daily life to be able to address them effectively. Also visualization exercises and nlp. It all depends on the person and the circumstance and how to respond to them.
The goal is that the other account that has more strength than they think and that, to a large extent, life is what you contas, what you want to read beyond the facts random which will happen.
And what type of service you offer from the coaching?
-We all seek our dreams and many of them are truncated because they do not take them to the practice. There appear to me to show you your fears, lack of confidence, lack of a concrete plan of action or to help you to see well the landscape and the situations that you can modify. From there I accompany you to look for the possible responses and the measures to take. This serves for an athlete who wants to succeed or reach higher, to someone who wants to do a micro-enterprise for someone who wants to improve their communication skills, or simply to take the reins of your life.
What is your background?
At the end of the secondary I studied Social Communication at UBA. Then work of journalist and also advise on communication. After a period of work is not related, I decided to use communication as a means to help the other. Consider cognitive therapy, ontological coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and the latest was a course on resilience taught by the University of Washington.
Where atendés?
A beautiful and bright office in the center with view to the mountains, in Alem corner Sarmiento. Also I am putting together workshops that will begin in a few months and work on other places.
Whatsapp: 154-622820
Facebook: MauricioGutierrez cognitive Therapy with Coaching



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