Tips to get started in the world of meditation –

There are many people who do not dare, either out of ignorance or laziness to put into practice the meditation, but meditation is a necessary practice, whose benefits are demonstrated at a scientific level and that it just requires practice and persistence to see the good results that it will have on your life.

Meditation is a way of life that should be something that we integrate into all of our movements, in all our actions.

How to create a routine in your meditation?

1. Starts with one day a week. The ideal is that you do each day, but at the start don’t overload yourself, step-by-step come, let yourself feel.

2. Decide the time you will do better. Meditate every day at the same time helps us to create a routine more easily. Try to find a time that will not bother you and you can create a space of time to be alone with yourself for at least 10-15 minutes.

3. Looking for a space in your home that you like and where you feel comfortable and meditate always in the same place.

4. When you meditate looking towards the East, towards the rising of the sun, because the energy that comes to us from this cardinal direction is the most suitable to quiet the mind and sit in peace to meditate.

5. Make yourself comfortable. We normally see people meditating with legs crossed and hands resting on the knees, but the important thing here is that you are as comfortable as possible so you can focus on your breathing.

6. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in and out through the nose. It is easier if you keep your eyes closed so that nothing can distract you.

7. I know constant. The practice is the one that makes the teacher. Concentrate and try not to think in nothing more than in your breathing can be very complicated, especially at the beginning, so you have to have patience and not be very harsh with you.

What are the main forms of meditation?

There are several types of meditation and discover what type of meditation is most suitable for each is a process.
You can put into practice three simple ways to begin to practice and feel what will fit the best:

1. Meditate watching the breath. Sit down to breathe and put mindfulness in how you inhale and exhale. In what happens in your body when you breathe it is a wonderful feeling. It is ideal for individuals who are stressed, anxious, and I tend to do more of the things that can.

2. Meditate, feeling the skin all over your body. In this case you pay attention to all the pores of your skin. You start up the plant of your feet and going up through your entire body through each and every one of your cells, feeling your skin is also inhaling and exhaling. This is a recommended practice to be present, to activate the sensitivity and designed for people who find it hard to be in the present, people who are distracted easily.

3. Meditate by observing the thoughts without judging them. Here we find the great myth of the mind in white. Leave the mind blank is not easy. Few do, and those who succeed, they succeed for a very short time. The mind develops around 60,000 thoughts daily, so that we must learn to listen to them without giving them power, without hook, letting.

But the most important recommendation would be that don’t you think expectations. Meditation is an art and must be practiced to integrate it into our life naturally and without pressure. Do not be a drama queen this one time and let it all flow:

This article was written in collaboration with Marta Puig, founder of World Pranic, the space of training and therapy, energy healing and integrated medicine.

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