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By Alisha Dixon

De’Nisha Sh’Lene

On May 20, De’Nisha Sh’Lene, author, motivational speaker, minister, clinical social worker and entrepreneur is set to release her second book “The Single Woman’s Checklist: Eight Essentials for Becoming a Prepared, Productive and Powerful Woman,” a guide for single women of faith.

“The book is a blueprint women can use to self-evaluate and look at where they should be and where they are and create goals,” the author said.

Sh’Lene, a native Detroiter, said she sees singlehood as an opportunity, not a curse. In “The Single Woman’s Checklist,” she writes about the important steps she believes single woman can take to live fulfilling lives. They include:

  • Increasing productivity and enjoyment as a single woman.
  • Unveiling your purpose and establish professional and personal goals.
  • Identifying areas of self-development and self-improvement (from inner peace to finances).
  • Creating a vision for your life and prepare for the next phase
  • Maximizing time to become a prepared, productive and powerful single woman.

The Single Woman’s Checklist” author has earned a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Grand Valley State University, a master of social work degree from the University of Michigan and a master of arts in theological studies from Liberty University.

 This diverse background and her passion for helping women has allowed Sh’Lene to become a mentor to a network of women all over the world. She hopes that “The Single Woman’s Checklist” will motivate more women to discover their power and potential in all aspects of their lives; personally, spiritually and entrepreneurially.

Entrepreneurship, for Sh’Lene, is a major part of her personal empowerment. She received the Motor City Match Business Planning Award to launch the Single Woman’s Power Network, to equip single women with the knowledge and resources that will inspire an increase in self-awareness, self-development and self-advancement.

“I have a ministry for single women and spiritually the women were growing, but a lot of them were sitting around idly and not focusing on things that pertain to our natural selves like health, finances and credit scores. Those types of things were just not being addressed at all,” Sh’Lene said about starting the Single Woman’s Power Network.

“I was also really inspired to create the Single Woman’s Power Network after just reflecting on my own life and my own personal growth.”

The SWP Network will also provide a space for women to support each other in every way. Reflecting on her own life, she said she is grateful her mentors and the network of women that have and continue to support her.

“I grew up in the inner city and we did not have access to a lot of resources. So, throughout my life I have always been blessed to be connected to people who wanted to help me. They have been so influential in my life by helping me get where I am now and I wanted to create this experience for other women.”

De’Nisha Sh’Lene will host a “Single Woman’s Checklist” book launch and seminar on Saturday, May 20 from 2pm-6pm at Cobo Center in Detroit. Admission only tickets are $15 and admission including the purchase of the book is $25. Tickets are selling fast. To purchase tickets, go to

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