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The Holy Week is the perfect time for those who have always wanted to meditate but never do so because of lack of time. This is the occasion to feel that they leave all thoughts negative back, start from scratch and with new actions that help achieve goals and objectives.

If you decide to do, today may be the first of many days in meditation. But before, you should know that the space that you take to do this you need to be prepared properly, since this influences the positive changes that can be achieved with meditation.

Aspects such as decoration, lighting and furniture in the place that you have chosen are essential to a proper environment, indicated by Marcelo Alonso in “How to meditate. Eastern and western techniques of meditation” (ediciones Lea, 2012).

These are the details that should be taken into account, as described by Alonso:
It is best to meditate every day and early in the morning. It is preferable to take the time after waking up and before breakfast.


It is important to do fasting and first hour because the human body, although is purified during the night, another day will stress out even before you leave the house only with that person to think of everything that there is to do in the job.

Don’t forget that the time you decide to take today should be the same tomorrow and the following days, as this practice is like going to the gym.

Silence, calm and peace. This is paramount when you meditate. For this reason, it is good to prepare a suitable place. It can be a room of the house or just a corner.

The place should be clean and tidy because a cluttered environment points to a personality that is chaotic, that has problems to organize themselves, or who did not care about the order.

In case you have objects in the place that is chosen, these must be sorted and clean.

Air and lighting
These factors need to invade the place. By this, the room must have a window or window wide to let in the light of the sun.

It is necessary that the window is always open to the stale air out and the place is renewed with one pure and cool.

From this it is better to see the sky or a green landscape; but, if he gives to the street, or stops to see a building, it is best to put some curtains discreet and fine that let pass the light of the sun.

Lighting artificial should be avoided as much as possible and when unavoidable, it is important that you use white and not yellow.

Little decoration
The meditation invites the austerity and simple. The boxes eye-catching, large furniture, appliances, carpets very fluffy are objects that do not fit in this room.

It is best that you’re painting white, and have a blanket or a pillow to sit and meditate, in addition to a small altar to place scented candles.

You can decorate with flowers or plants, but it is important that you are very healthy, and the leaves and flowers which fall retreat so as not to dirty the space.

The noise is not an option in the space that you meditate. It is important that the room does not reach the noise of the street nor from other parts of the house.

Many people install their meditation room in the terraces, rooms, patio, garden or even in the basements (as long as they have windows that bathe in the light of the sun and that they are aerated), because in this way they move away from the hustle and bustle own of every home.

Appropriate music
The natural sounds are essential to meditate in a good environment, if you like to listen to music.

Choose songs that reach your heart, no matter what they are always and when you like and make you feel relaxed. Although, keep in mind that the instrumental music you can distract less than the letter.

Essential oils
The good scents contribute to the relaxation of the body and the mind.

If you meditate you can use scented candles, incense, incense oils and burners.

You can find a great variety of aromas to choose from. Alonso recommends almond, lilac, apricot, eucalyptus, lavender, pear, rose and jasmine. The choice will depend on your taste.


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