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With the palm Sunday started the celebration of the Week, or Holy Week, with which the christian world stands out year-to-year what happened with jesus Christ makes 1.984 years, in which the Son of God made Man was sentenced and crucified, as a test since then of the injustices that we have always been ruled.

The palm Sunday brings to mind the christians of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem; it motivates currently to attend massively to the churches and to start this last week of the so-called period of lent.

During this week that is going on is commemorated on good Friday, the day on which he was crucified and died, jesus Christ, came to the Sunday of Resurrection in that he came back to life, in a tangible demonstration that it was the true and only God represented physically by his Son. For what happened, this is a historic and memorable one Sunday is that we celebrate this great Easter Resurrection, which is to give us that peace and brotherhood that both are required here and in all parts, in order to achieve the union and brotherhood, so necessary in all the generations of the world.

Leaving aside the tragic events that happened lately in Egypt, in which terrorist groups made presence in two christian churches with tens of dead and wounded, it should be noted that this Holy Week should give us the opportunity to recapacitemos and meditating on what happened then with jesus Christ, we come to the changes that much-needed, beginning with the change of mode of being that we must put in force, in order to try to get that world equal for all, without selfishness, without hatred and without attitudes egocentric that have done so much damage to humanity.

Think always that those positions personalistic were the ones that led to the passion and death of jesus Christ. But He, being God personified in his Son, he rose on the third day to later ascend to the heavens and follow from there being the example that should guide our way of being, to try to achieve a better life in a better world.

Let us reflect and meditate on the days of this Holy Week; and, thinking of the family and in the general community, try to reach to that approach that eliminates the divisions-social, political, economic and otherwise, that so much damage we have been doing; and considering that out of every 10 ecuadorians 8 we are christians, we put our grain of sand to try to build a better Ecuador.

And coinciding this Resurrection Sunday with the first anniversary of the 16A, we make vows because the reemergence of Manabi with an effective reconstruction.

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