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La meditación genera una energía superior que la ciencia no puede descifrar

Multiple studies showed that the energy emitted by people who have reached an advanced level in meditation practice exceeds the levels of normal human in hundreds or thousands of times.

Take a look at some of the studies that confirm this.

Gamma rays out of the ordinary

A research on the energy emitted by tibetan monks published in 2004 by the neurosurgeon Richard Davidson, was registered by the University of Stanford.

Davidson took exams to the monks more advanced of the Dalai Lama, each with 15 or 40 years of experience in meditation practice. Measured the gamma rays emitted their brains with a electroencefalógrafo and with a brain scan. A control group of 10 students without previous experience in meditation was also examined after one week of training.

The gamma rays are described by some as “some of the brain wave power of more high frequency and more important.” The production of gamma rays requires thousands of nerve cells acting in extremely high speeds in unison.

Davidson discovered that some of the monks produced activity of gamma rays more powerful and of higher amplitude than any documented case in history. The movement of the waves was also much better organized than the volunteers who do not meditate.

It was also shown that meditation can result in the redistribution of grey matter in the brain and prevents their loss, which has an impact on many mental functions, such as the control of emotions, impulses, thoughts and movements. This is because the caudate nucleus, which controls these functions and more, is located in the gray matter.

 El Buda Tian Tan en Hong Kong. (Shutterstock)

The Buddha Tian Tan in Hong Kong. (Shutterstock)

The qigong masters emit infrasonic wave from 100 to 1,000 times above normal levels

In 1998, Professor Lu Yanfang and dozens of american scientists conducted research on teachers of qigong in China.

Qigong is an ancient practice which includes the cultivation of energy, not only by doing exercises, meditative, but also by improving the nature of the mind and of the heart, since it is believed that mind and body are one. It is known to have healing effects.

In his research, he discovered that the masters of Qigong were able to emit powerful bursts of infrasonic wave, 100 to 1,000 times stronger than the average individuals.

After only a few weeks of training, the beginners in the practice had five times more energy infrasonic driver than the one produced prior to training.

A similar study at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing, published in 1988, found the qi emitted by the master of qigong could be measured as part of the infrasonic wave, and that was 100 times stronger than a normal person. Both studies were highlighted by the Institute of Health of China.

The monks emit heat where others could freeze to death

An experiment conducted on tibetan monks in northern India is described in an article in the Gazette of the University of Harvard , 2002.

The monks, with light clothes, were placed in a room where the temperature was 4º C. Entered into a deep state of meditation. I placed sheets soaked in cold water.

Under these conditions, a common person would quiver uncontrollably and the decrease in the temperature of the body could result in death, explains the article.

However, the monks remained warm and dried the sheets with their bodies. Once the sheets were dry, I put more sheets cold and wet. Each monk dried three sheets in the course of several hours.

Hebert Benson, who had studied the meditation technique for 20 years, told the Gazette: “Buddhists feel the reality in which we live is not the final. There is another reality in which we can enter that is not affected by our emotions, by our world every day. Buddhists believe this state of mind can be achieved by doing good things for others, and through meditation”.

Said that the heat emanated from their bodies was simply a byproduct of the meditation.

Many of such experiments have been conducted in people who practice meditation and it was discovered that some of them are able to emanate great amounts of various types of energy that can be measured. They are also able to control the metabolism and other physical processes.

Una practicante de Falun Dafa meditando. (Jeff Nenarella/La Gran Época)

A practitioner of Falun Dafa, meditating. (Jeff Nenarella/The Big Time)

Amazing effects on the health

Many practitioners of Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, according to report they were cured of chronic illnesses and serious. Falun Dafa is a discipline of the Buddha School, which cultivates both the mind and the body. Its three fundamental principles are Truth, compassion and Tolerance.

The medical writer Lara C. Pullen interviewed some Falun Dafa in the year 2000 for an article published in CBS Health Watch.

Sen Yang, of Chicago, who at that time was 39 years old, was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis. Told Pullen: “A doctor told me directly: ‘there is No way to cure your disease in truth. You’ll have for the rest of your life’”.

After practicing Falun Dafa for a while, did a medical examination and the 32 results of which were normal, including those that pointed to their disease.

“At the beginning my physical condition changed very fast. When walking, I felt that my body was so light that I could almost float,” he said.

The practitioners of Falun Dafa, explained that the practice is not intended to cure diseases, but that is a natural effect that comes from the improvement of one’s mind and do the meditation exercises, which strengthen the energy of the body, among other effects.

Zhi Ping Kolouch, a practitioner of Falun Dafa, 43, told Pullen: “If a person feels miserable in her heart, then she will get sick”.



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