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MEXICO CITY.- To improve the physical and mental health, nothing like meditate, it is one of the best and most accessible exercises that we can do, it helps relieve stress, depression and anxiety. In addition, it is very useful to deal with the emotional problems of everyday life when things go wrong.

Also, hone our emotional intelligence, because the wisdom that rises from meditation is very powerful. On the other hand, meditation is good for the body, it stills anxiety, and is generally beneficial. In addition, a great advantage is that anyone can practice this exercise.

It is important to commit to daily meditation, no matter for how long. The meditation does not begin until we sit down on a cushion or in a chair. The most important point is to be comfortable.

If you meditate every day for fifteen or twenty minutes, after a while you’ll no longer have doubts of the effectiveness of this exercise.

At the beginning there will be a feeling of peace and calm and after a while your mind will seem even worse than before, but this is normal. You should continue the practice and all will improve.

The reason for which the mind seems to get worse after a while of meditating is that emotional problems begin to arise. It is important to let them go without judging. Don’t reject or cling to them, just let out all the emotions that you were depressed.

All meditators experience emotional disturbance and crying when you practice, let it all out and then there will be peace.

Meditation consists in making the mind blank. To meditate is to focus on a single action to get to the same goal: to empty the mind of thoughts, to achieve that is quiet, free from desires.

Tips to meditate

It is important for the regularity of habit, the time, the place and the practice.

The best times are dawn and dusk.

15 to 20 minutes is enough to start.

Try to devote a room or an intimate place for meditation.

Once seated in this space, watch your posture, sit with the legs crossed and with the spine and the neck well in an upright position (pointing towards the sky).

Before you begin, take a deep breath to empty your mind of thoughts. Forget the worries and problems, empty your mind.

Regulates breathing. Begins to be aware of your breathing.


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