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If Jon Rahm has become one of the biggest emerging talents of the golf world is, among other factors, because behind what you have to him, Joseba del Carmen, a former player of professional basketball and golf serves as a ‘coach’, not only of the player biscayan but also of the two teams pointers Vitoria: the Alavés and the Baskonia.

Del Carmen is not a ‘coach’ conventional, because it uses his expertise in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching quantum’ to get the maximum performance out of their athletes, increasingly delivered to their methods.

“The ‘coaching quantum’ part of the base that we are all a part of the whole, that our energy is creative and that, therefore, it is not important what you do but what you do and where you do it. Trying to understand the logic of the game,” explains Del Carmen, in an interview with Efe.

Your system of training emotional -“I focus on the emotions, because it is the radar of what is going on in our interior,” explains – what has been able to put into practice, with enormous success, the Group Baskonia-Alavés of Josean Querejeta.

There he was part of a multidisciplinary team of experts (doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, data analysts, and trainers) that are part of the project ‘BAL Sport Performance System’, a pioneering system of athletic performance integral to all the football players and basketball club, from the base, up to the first team professionals.

Within the project, Joseba del Carmen is in charge of the psychological preparation. In the Far, it has been found, in addition, with a coach, Mauricio Pellegrino, who has tuned with his style of work from the first time.

Maurice “I was received with open arms. He believes very much in this, because I had already worked with a ‘coach’ on one of the teams he coached in Argentina. In addition, he is a leader. It is a wonder how he talks with the players, how they perceive what happens to them, how to care for them,” he explains.

The footballers of Alava, in contrast, were sceptical at the beginning: “in The beginning cost them, but it is normal. They wondered: ‘is this guy what are you doing here?’. Until you understand that you are not someone external to the group, but more of a team”.

To The Carmen likes to define his work in the Far as the “observer”. See live training sessions and discuss with Pellegrino, everything that happens in the group: the energy that moves in each session, the emotions felt by each one of the players, the way in which the team manages the victory and the defeat, the mood of the injured or of those who play less minutes.

“Is the part humanist and part spiritual, part energy. I am there, seeing what is not seen, and putting a lot of attention in the details, what you need from me each player, because if the player is good in all aspects, you know it is going to give you one hundred percent. That is the key,” says Del Carmen.

Between Pellegrino and he have maintained the Alavs in the top of the table almost whole season. A computer designed to maintain the category in the First and finished ninth, starring some evenings glorious as their victory league at the Camp Nou (1-2).

In that triumph, Joseba del Carmen had much to do. He convinced the players that the statistics that said that Barça was very superior “were just the past,” and that this was limited to those 90 minutes in the opening “all the possibilities” to win the match.

Joseba reveals that, after that feat, one of the owners of the team sent him a voice message asking for forgiveness for having believed that he was crazy and that the victory in the coliseum barca was a chimera.

To the end of the sabbath, you no longer have to convince the players that defeat the almighty Barça is possible, because eight months ago, they were able to verify this in first person. The focus, therefore, will be different.

“We have created on the computer in a state of learning and constant growth during the season to get here. We have achieved the ninth position in the League and we’re in a Cup final, something unimaginable. And now we’re going to Madrid with a huge illusion, to give the best of ourselves and giving thanks for this gift,” concludes Joseba del Carmen.

And that is for the Alava, the end of the Calderon is just that: a prize for the work well done, the end of year party. “And we’re going to enjoy to the maximum,” says Joseba. Yes that is competing from the first minute until the last, as they have done all season.

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