The Chapel of Silence, the place more relaxing Mexico – Mexico Unknown

The noise everyday distance us from the states of meditation that we need to live with peace of mind. Run away from that noise and find calm, to think it took me to the depths of the forest poblano to locate a meditation center as beautiful as silent.

This is The Chapel of Silence. In it everything is done for the self-reflection; from the garden with a view of the Popocatepetl, the rooms with floor to ceiling windows that transmit tranquility to the sound of water from the source.

Walking the open spaces of the hermitage generates calm, hardly listening to the sounds of the birds and the light wind that breaks branches.

The Chapel of Silence was built in 1980 with an architectural trend used in franciscan monasteries. The idea was Friar Jerome who created this place for the preparation of religious, but also as a space for the meditation of one who is interested in it.

That is why it is open to all postures, philosophical and spiritual, looking for a space to be filled with peace.

If the chapel is not occupied by a group of people in retreat, the travelers can explore the possibility that Friar Jerome will allow them to sleep for a few nights here, as long as it is respectful and the end of the stay is the meditation.

Those who come to walk up here say that, just to see this santuario nestled in the mountains of the National Park Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl, comes a feeling of joy and tranquility that is rarely experienced.

Pines, oyameles, grassland, a stream, is what you will see before you reach the Chapel of Silence, everything on this trip it seems that we are invited to acknowledge our existence.


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