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It is true, when we think of executives, CEOs, managers, we tend to associate them with large salaries (plus bonuses!). You know, the money goes in the office…

The stress also.

In this context, are increasingly high corporate positions who turn to meditation or mindfulness (full awareness or mindfulness).

According to studies conducted by dr. Sara Lazar at Harvard University and the General Hospital of Massachusetts, it was determined “that meditation rebuilds, literally, the gray matter of the brain, in only eight weeks.” In addition to “remove the stress, the insomnia and transforms the physiology of the brain”.

Los CEOs que bajan el estrés y los miedos con meditación

Mary Laura Street, Appraisal Manager of the Santander River, managed to implement for the employees the program “Wednesday, we meditate” (photo: Andrew DElía).

Mary Laura Street (53) is Apraisal Manager of Banco Santander Rio. “Due to personal crises and situations academic living constantly with stress. One day I decided to get closer to The Art of Living to start and meditate. I learned how to put energy where it belongs and I changed the quality of life,” he says. Each day, just gets up, is given to the meditation of 10 to 15 minutes. “It’s like a toilet internal. Clean the mind”. Today,from its experience, the bank implemented the program on Wednesday, we meditate, with great staff acceptance. “They are very committed, and many improved on a personal and work”.

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Other studies, in this case, of Stanford University, showed that “75% of success in the long-term work depends on the skills of each one, and only 25% of the techniques learned.” The work emphasizes that “the effect of meditation to counteract the anxiety was much greater than that produced by concentration, contemplation, or relaxation techniques physical and muscular”. And he adds: “The mind tends to get distracted half the time; meditating helps to stop the distraction, to focus and increase memory.”

The psychotherapist Javier Cándarle, author of Mindfulness II. Awareness for a full life, says, “when you meditate, the executives become more precise, spend less energy, both mental as physical… there are more and more companies interested in this type of topics: so much for managers as for employees. Even, for a time, I’m giving workshops for officers of the Service Penance Federal”.

Speaking of the advantages, Guido Glikin (48), industrial engineer and president of, is blunt: “meditation saved my life. In 2014, the AFIP was closed Off by fraud to the treasury; then the case is closed, but those days were very difficult, with risk of criminal, by my position in the company. Obviously, I was not prepared to have a court case. And that not knowing what could have happened to me had fired a box of anxiety… it Was very difficult in terms of personal, it wasn’t simply a business issue. I had to risk losing my freedom”.

Guido is grateful to have discovered meditation a short time before that situation. “It allowed Me to be objective and not despair. I was able to stay with the feet on the ground”. He also starts his day meditating, then get up about 6.30. But there is so much need that you can do this even without being at home. “I got used to meditate on planes and in taxis. I can go with my family to the cathedral of Notre Dame (in Paris) and tell my wife to stay outside with the boys while I went and meditated for a while. The pace at work is fast-paced; we are never relaxed, the competition is very strong. There are situations that can be overwhelming and, if I’m focused, you can see the solution with more clarity and less attachment”.

Los CEOs que bajan el estrés y los miedos con meditación

Federico Ayarragaray is the marketing manager of BBVA Seguros: he started meditating for a natal chart (Photo: Andres DElía).

For his part, Federico Ayarragaray (52), Marketing manager of BBVA Seguros, came to meditation after a crisis, and a letter home. “The crises are always a trigger. The letter said that I had to change and get my creative aspect. After a series of problems chained, eight months after I started breathing and meditation techniques -explains-. The first change was to recover the serenity, being centered and balanced. Then came the emotional well-being and work; I lost my fears, I broke up with the mandates and improved links in all areas”. Federico meditates several times a day. “I do it because it helps me come out faster situations. I’m more executive and creative. I feel clearly that allows me to take more risks, but without fear”.

And when you meditate it is, in The Art of Living have much to say. Lola Godio (37), he speaks from his role of instructor: “The science is starting to prove something that the practice already indicated. The leaders are approaching the meditation. Many have grown fast in the corporate structure; in what have not grown it in their skills in terms of leadership.”


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