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There’s just no excuse. Meditation only brings benefits to the body, mind and spirit (it is proven by hundreds of studies), and in addition can be practiced in any place. In your house, in a quiet place, but also outdoor, in your office or in a means of transport. Are you going to lose the benefits of this practice which is within the reach of all?

Outside anxiety
A study from Yale University has shown that meditation helps to combat the negative thoughts and anxiety (also “disconnected” parts of the brain related to autism and schizophrenia). Just with a few minutes of stillness a day!

Brilliant mind
The mental agility, according to scientists from the University of Kentucky, increased by up to 10% in those who choose the meditation on those who choose another activity, like sleeping or talking. Take advantage of your peace of mind to work better.

There is No pain
If you reserve a daily time to this “deep reflection” you will develop greater resistance to physical pain, because meditation has a powerful analgesic effect, even in the most novice. It is a proven fact!

More productivity
Did you know that the ability to concentrate is directly related to happiness? Because meditation helps you focus better and, therefore, prevents stress and promotes productivity. The companies know this, and many of them have already offered specific programs free of charge to their workers.

Overcome obstacles
Stop smoking, spend a duel, fight cancer or prevent dandruff. The National Academy of Sciences of the united States has concluded, the fruit of research, that meditation helps to cope with difficulties, especially those related to health.

Too heart
Another of the direct consequences of meditation is a reduction (50%) of the odds of having a heart attack or a stroke. In addition, the blood pressure decreases and causes a state of comprehensive well-being.

Eternal youth
The ancient practice of meditation, if carried out consistently and rigorously and also helps to delay cell aging, because it reduces the activity of metabolism, achieves a deep rest and optimal recovery of the energy expended. Amazing, isn’t it?


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