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In times in which the gadget technology and social networks distract us with ease, it is difficult to be lucid, balanced and with a clear mind. Meditation is a path that many people use to achieve this state, and although it requires training and consistency, is one of the best ways to achieve emotional tranquility and a greater concentration.

If you do not have much time to devote to meditation, you can start with just five minutes a day. Even with so little, will bring many benefits for you.

The portal specializing in the health of the woman ‘Womenshealth’ of Spain, it proposes three ways in which we can reach the zen of a practical and simple manner.

Weapon your daily session. It is important that you enable a space to meditate. You can use a chair or cushion in a quiet space of the house or on a blanket in the garden. Choose a time of day that you manage to relax and that it is recurrent, it may be during the mornings or at the end of the day. Always remember to breathe deeply, this will help you to clear your mind and body of negative energies.

Find your position to meditate. It is recommended to keep your back straight without tension, and the hands on the thighs, so you can concentrate on your breathing and not on how you’re sitting. Remember to feel the air through your body when you inhale and exhale.

Walk. If you don’t have a space where to meditate, you can try a walk alone or with friends, without purpose or destination, only concerning yourself in the present and your breathing. Do it with peace of mind and without feeling the pressure of time.

Keep in mind that the important thing, more than the technique, is that you give a moment to yourself, to reflect, to find peace and to get rid of all the burden and stress of day-to-day.


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