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Isha Judd, humanist, and australian ambassador for peace, is developing in San Juan Nepomuceno, Caazapá, your system of training called “Meditation” educational, which is implemented in other countries such as Chile and Mexico, to train teachers to teach others, and these in turn to the children about how to find happiness, peace, eradicate bullying and to promote the empowerment of children in autestima.

“The purpose is to teach people to be okay with themselves, find inner peace, disconnect from the external and be able to free yourself from the stress and to find in their lives happiness and bliss house, which is most important and what is lacking in the society,” said Judd.

The Ministry of Education has already approved to enter the program of Isha Judd in the above-mentioned city, with the support of the organization Together with the Education, with the goal of extending to all public schools in the country to educate children about the importance of being well with yourself, internally, and stop being afraid, to achieve happiness and peace.

“One of the most important things that children need is to be able to connect internally or at least to maintain the internal state that they already have because they live in the present moment, speak the truth, they have innocence and what we do is to help cultivate that inner experience, giving them the tools to continue connecting with that,” added Judd.

Another point is to teach children to move their emotions in a responsible manner. “We teach them very early how to be, how to express themselves, how to live together, how to communicate with each other, and how to be happy. Always teach children what it is to know, to do, but do not teach them to be, or to live together. The know be is essential to create citizens happy,” added the expert.

Isha Judd will also offer the 3 and 4 June a workshop seminar called “happiness only exists in the here and now”, directed to young people and adults. This will take place between 9:30 and 5:00 at Casa Petra (in front of colegio Santa Clara).


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