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Tantra is a path that allows you to get out of your reality faster to connect with the essential aspects of your Being: connects you with the inner Peace for self-expression Peace on the outside. As an example: we have all felt that when we disagree with someone, the blood flows hot through the body, reaching the head, and we perceive that we will exploit in a number of words which in the long term will offend the other person, the wound and after that we will apologize for exploit as well; that is why it is common to hear, “that’s not what I wanted to say.” “Tantric meditation allows you to be present, to breathe consciously and to be more assertive between what one thinks, communicates and does,” says Ferrer.

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Thanks to Sexurero who has invited the teachers of Dhakini Tantra to the city’s paisa, it is now possible that the medellinenses really want to approach this way, they receive many teachings of this philosophy, ancient, but one of the most powerful is to learn not to control, not to do, afford to be and be to receive the life as it happens. No, it is not a matter of “resignation”, is to cultivate the art of acceptance, of surrender to life and to flow with it, something that is going to contravene to what is being promoted in our culture day-to-day: to plan, control, achieve results, produce, and conquer.

To continue to share these and other teachings, Mary Ferrer and David Camacho a specialist in Reiki, Hatha Yoga and Tantra, will be visiting the city until the month of October will be the great workshop of introduction to Tantra Kriya Yoga to build from there a strong community to sustain this practice in the city. “Definitely the best way to understand Tantra is to experience it, and letting oneself be carried away in each exercise,” says David Camacho, professor of the school Dhakini Tantra.

And as you come to the big date, the paisas can schedule the next Saturday, may 13, from 6:30pm to 10pm, at the workshop “Understanding what is Tantra” which will be announced at the Academy of Dance The Jarana in the Race 43D # 10-84. Floor 2 – Medellin. These classes have an economic contribution of $60,000 per person, you should wear comfortable clothes to change, water to hydrate and an open mind to receive new knowledge and re-learn the concepts about meditation.

What is the Tantra? Es a spiritual philosophy from India, which was born over 5000 years ago, before you institute religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. His teachings were available for the majority until some sectors of the population began to make bad use of some techniques, intending to dominate and control others, until the teachers decided to restrict this knowledge to a few initiates who were chosen with caution.

After centuries and centuries disappearing this philosophy of the earth, reappears in the West, in order that each Be wake up of the lethargy to which he has been subjected, by social conditioning, family, and faith, and learn to use your energy, through breath, movement and sound to expand consciousness of your physical body, energetic, emotional and mental. From there you will be able to get to know you more deeply in order to transform those aspects of your life that don’t allow you to feel accomplished and full.

?The path of Tantra is the path of veneration of the feminine principle: from here you learn how to be a Vessel to receive, don’t throw that conquest. You learn to flow with the rhythms of nature and to achieve the realization there: activate the energy body, quieting the mind with breath, raise sexual energy, transmute it and connect with a life much more full and peaceful.

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