Sway Is a Beautiful Meditation App That Doesn’t Tell You What to … – Lifehacker Australia

Spoiler alert: These are the colors of the six levels.

What if a meditation app didn’t ask you to focus on your breathing? What if you didn’t have to listen to someone’s voice telling you what to think about? A new meditation app, Sway, takes a different approach.


Instead, Sway (iOS, $2.99) connects your mind and body by asking you to move your phone slowly and continuously. When you do, it plays soothing sounds and undulates a colorful landscape on your screen. If you move too fast or too slow, it chimes and asks if you’re ready to end the session.

I’ve tried a lot of meditation apps, and Sway is the most beautiful I’ve seen. The aesthetic comes from UsTwo, the same people who designed the achingly gorgeous Monument Valley game. And I love that it doesn’t ask me to focus on my breathing, because when I do that my nose always starts to feel weird.


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