‘Smoothly kiss me’, the meditation of the kiss tantric – The Herald (Colombia)

Eight years ago she was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in the right foot, a type of cancer. Your life business successful gave a 180 degree turn and his illness led her to learn about tantra, a spiritual philosophy from India, that was born more than 5,000 years, to “transform lives”.

Mary Ferrer, known in the spiritual world as Ma Shanti Tara is a city, a master of this technique which teaches you to use the energy through breathing, movement and sound, in order to expand the consciousness in the physical body, energetic, emotional and mental, to know the depth and transform those aspects of life that do not allow a person to feel full and complete. His mission in life is to share their knowledge, as a consultant for a full life.

“When I became ill I was a woman who was very much in the mind, as are many people. My body collapsed and as a result of that I found the tantra, which helped me to heal the disease and also to drop masks, to leave everything that did not correspond to my true self,” says Ferrer.

He also says that this kind of experiences led her to teach others what they had to offer. “The responsibility when you receive something is to share it, I released all of that previous life and I have dedicated myself to accompany processes of transformation. I am a consultant for a full life,” he explains.

To share their knowledge will be today at 7:00 p. m. near the Castle of Salgar. In a tantric experience, referred to as ‘Smoothly kiss me’ in which you will melt two currents, the Tantra Kriya Yoga and the knowledge of Osho. “In the meditation of the kiss we’re going to merge these two currents in the let’s make a practice of tantra kriya yoga, but to explore the teaching of Osho,” he says.

Technique number 10 in the book of the secrets Osho says: sweet princess of mine, when you kiss, return the kiss; when acaricies, become the caress; when you hug them, return the hug.

Ma Shanti Tara says, “that means to do a whole meditation to understand, not understand, from the mind, but to understand that we are not present many times in our life. We give kisses so mechanical, that we give the hugs, in a formal way, in a meditation of the kiss we will get to see how it is done from conscience, how you’re going deep, and what it means to become the kiss, what it means to go back to kissing in such a way that you will become the kiss,” concluded Ferrer.


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