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Tantra kiss

The meditation of the kiss

 Who does not dream with a deep kiss, of those that take you up to the sky and leave dancing in the clouds?, or as the song says of this puerto rican singer recognized “Gently kiss me”. Well, if someone wants to know how it is to kiss with awareness and become the kiss, this meeting and meditation is for you.

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This Wednesday, July 26, from 7 to 10 p. m. in the House of Erika, it is expected that more than 50 people to become part of this meditation, where they fuse the teachings of Osho and Tantra Kriya Yoga, which have been brought to the country by the teacher Maria Ferrer, better known in the spiritual world and happy life as Ma Shanti Tara, who is from a little over seven years, has assumed the task of teaching colombian to lead a fulfilling and happy life from the sexuality as a cosmic-divine to the everyday life of the daily activities.

Consultant Happy Life

The Meditation of the kiss technique is the number 10 of “The book of Secrets” by Osho, which invites us to be open to the adventure of meditation, to play from the heart and to invoke a magical encounter with the couple or the attendees to the practice of conscious way.

The practices of Tantra that Ferrer puts at the disposal of all attendees are tinged with the game, the revelation, the discovery and playfulness, to connect with the depth of being and to go beyond the comfort zones to which usually is accustomed to.


The barranquilleros that really want to get closer to this path will be able to receive many teachings, but one of the most powerful is to learn not to control, not to do, afford to be and be to receive the life as it happens. No, it is not a matter of “resignation”, is to cultivate the art of acceptance, of surrender to life and to flow with it, something that is going to contravene to what is being promoted in our culture day-to-day: to plan, control, achieve results, produce, and conquer.

“Tantric meditation allows you to be present, to breathe consciously and to be more assertive between what one thinks, communicates, and causes”,

ensures Ferrer.

If this meditation is of your interest, want to meet new people and be part of this new trend of living, just arrive with an open mind and the willingness to learn this science of the ancients. Remember to bring comfortable clothes and water to hydrate.

  • When: Wednesday, July 26,
  • Time: 7 to 10 pm
  • Where: The Home of Erika located on the main road to the Castle of Salgar, half a block before you reach the Castle on the right side is a Set of White houses, and the entrance is through the rampla garage with aluminum – Puerto Colombia.
  • Investment: If you come alone, the contribution is $40,000 and if you decide to arrive in a couple to $65,000.

For agendarse to the Meditation of the Kiss, just enough to enroll in the e-mail info@dhakini.org or contact us by telephone 3164810334. The quotas are limited.


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