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Study shows that meditation is more beneficial for the ... - TekCrispy 1

Meditation is an increasingly popular form of mental training, which encompasses a variety of practices that aim to improve the capabilities psychological, such as self-regulation, attentional and emotional. The training of the mind, based in mindfulness, has been recognized as a viable treatment to prevent the recurrence of depression, addiction, anxiety, stress, and even schizophrenia.

Although there is no doubt about the practice of meditation can be beneficial, no one has verified if these favors are analogous in both men and women. In a Research done in Brown University, the scientists analyzed whether the benefits provided by meditation, are equal, finding a gender gap that was unexpected.

The study carried out by a group of scientists led by Dr. Willoughby Britton, a professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior of the UB, found that while women who practice mindfulness meditation, have been able to significantly surpass depressive moods, men in their place, they felt worse than they felt before they began with the practice meditadora.

In the last few decades have produced a large amount of research, which suggest that men and women show different trajectories of symptomatology psychological well-being. This divergence of genres begins to appear in early adolescence, during which, the incidence of psychological distress increases for both groups.

In this way, the adolescents of 13-14 years, have double the chance of suffering depression and anxiety. In contrast, males are more likely to have behavioral disorders and succumb to the use of substances. This pattern persists during adulthood and has been shown to be a relatively cross-culturally.

The study looked at 77 students: 41 men and 36 women, in the course of a meditation class of 12 weeks. During that time, the average students had participated in more than 41 hours of meditation.

In the research I demonstrate that the negative mood state of women decreased by an average of 11.6 percentage points; however, in men, the mood average presented a slight decline.

The researchers believe that what might be causing this unexpected disparity, it is the traditional way that men and women are related to emotional stress.

Dr. Britton points out:

Face the difficulties of emotional and sentimental can be universally beneficial, but take into account that there may be cultural differences and rational expectations, different between men and women.


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