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Storytelling as a tool in the B-Corporation - Magazine Market 1


it is used by those who aspire to «be the best for the world» instead of «the best in the world».

mon July 31, 2017

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Mariano Pupkin is a benchmark in the world of communication and specialist in neurolinguistic programming, and Director of the consulting firm eMPowering. She is also a teacher and gives lecture about various topics related to coaching.

According to the consultant, events social, economic, cultural and political, are becoming aware of phenomena that compromise the quality of life and coexistence on the planet. Up to now, these have been, mainly, to produce relief of short-term, tranquilizer from the political/politically correct.

Numerous organizations involved with the Corporate Social Responsibility are making changes that have a positive impact on the system. The B-Corp are leading changes that occur not only within this type of organizations. Your specific proposal of value is based on the active dimension of the look and story they offer.

According to Mariano Pupkin, the B-Corp are taking it a step further through a systemic approach wide, that involves the inclusion and participation of all stakeholders (stakeholders). In addition, they undergo a process of self-regulation and institutionalized learning-setting permanent.

The storytelling as a communication tool requires in these cases the use of the narrative in a manner which gives full meaning to the merits of a factual nature of the proposals, with total transparency and generating emotional commitment of the stakeholders as a whole. In this way, the B-Corp open spaces for conversations and calls for cultural change sustainable and inclusive, giving rise to leaders and leaders who are in charge of the business as one of the ways in which the man undertakes endeavors participatory (social, economic, political) to improve the world in its broadest sense.

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