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With the spring bloom of weddings, parties are on everyone’s mind to fete the upcoming nuptials. Think beyond the box for celebrations when you can count on spring’s mild temperatures, fresh backdrops and steady weather patterns of the following weeks.

Of course, the bride’s friends have long put their heads together to pull off a memorable shower experience that all parties remember and treasure for years to come, but a few reminders help preserve the occasion when throwing a shower:

  • Decide on a date that is convenient for many attendees. Usually this would be a weekend day when getting off of work is not an issue. Time of day also may be a prime consideration, particularly if older family members are special guests. Either capitalize on an upcoming holiday or family event – or avoid it entirely.
  • Before spreading the word and later breaking hearts when a preferred date is unavailable, book a desired location as soon as possible. Many restaurants and museums, even libraries, have lovely rooms that are convenient and easily accessed. There is nothing worse that needing to formulate “Plan B” just because someone spoke for the property while the planners were still dragging around their calendars.
  • Have fun with the event. This might be a chance for a bride to move on with close friends to an art show she has been too busy to see or maybe an action-loving bride would prefer making it a two-fer with the groom and other friends joining the action for a follow-up event at a bowling alley or concert.
  • Plan a budget for the entire event and stick to it. Be certain it is followed during both the planning and execution phases. Know who will chip in exactly how much for how many people. Think about details: transportation that might be needed before and after, timing to invite the most important people in her life and how to focus on and convey the importance of the bride and groom’s future.

Shower ideas

Be aware of the bride’s likes and dislikes so she will enjoy festivities. If the outdoors makes her uncomfortable or sneezy, a day-long event filled with lawn games probably is not the best bet. Be creative, be practical and, most of all, be willing to entertain new ideas. On the other hand, a hospitable home where the event can be held often keeps the occasion comfortable and fits the budget of people who plan and share it.

Spa party

A spa bridal shower is a great way to relax a bride during this anxious time. Consider booking a local spa. Another idea is to hire a couple professionals to come and create a semi-spa event with a DIY station that includes a massage table, space for facials and a mani-pedi seat for guests to frequent. Play relaxing music as a soothing backdrop, offer plenty of pillows on comfy chairs and provide a take-home gift of bath salts or bar of relaxing soap.

Food party

A bride who loves food – and who doesn’t? – will appreciate healthy food so she stays trim and fit for her special day. Set up a party where guests help themselves to a variety of foods, including vegetables and fruit salads, whole-grain crackers and self-serve options for those who limit carbs and pass up meat. 

Perfume bar

If a preferred venue allows, a perfume bar is a unique addition to your bridal shower. This is a great complement to a spa location.

Ask the company’s management if they would permit putting together a table area full of perfumes or relaxing aromatics for sampling throughout the shower.


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