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By Monika Correia Nobre*

The meditation is the key to maintaining the balance between body and mind. A body stressed is more vulnerable to contracting diseases, as the immune system weakens.

Today’s society is accelerated and demanding, and one adds more pressure still. At the same time, during a large part of the day absorbés more information than you can process consciously, and often something that you think does not affect you finally, it is circling in the head. The unconscious mind can perceive these reactions and act accordingly.On the other hand the human biology was created to react to a hazard and the brain does not differentiate whether the risk that corrés is real or virtual.

These two issues make it sometimes triggers a false information of danger from the brain that it is received by the body, an alarm signal that notifies you that you are at risk, then the agency is prepared to act and there are only two things to do: flee or attack.

One can add preciones stress outside work or family.

These two possibilities instinctive, primitive and natural in the man saved the species, and brought it up to this point in the story. The problem is that currently the “be civilized” keeps people out of these reactions: it is not allowed to fight because yes, not normally, you can flee from those things that are perceived as threatening.

This is the origin of the panic attack, total fear that does not find a channel of expression. Then occurs the unwanted and symptoms: you may feel bad, having beats fast, feeling that you ahogás, you have cold and heat, anguish, as you think that you’re going to die.

From meditation to the solution is centered on four tools

Movement: you can spend that extra energy that you have during the episode that occurs when the body produces adrenaline flowing at full speed due to the false sense of danger. The entire process is very fast, since normally panic attacks last for 10 minutes effective and can extend up to half an hour while exceed.

Dance and jump, sing with you win, you get to do dynamic things like cleaning the house or playing with the kids or with the dog can help you. The dance is highly recommended and is within reach of anyone. The music will allow olvidés the persistent beats and gastés the extra energy while you enjoy a moment of joy.

Breathing: When you change it you can change the emotional state. It is easiest to make several deep breaths and exhale making the sound of the letter “s”, it is best to use the entire exhalation pronouncing the letter with care.

Mindfulness: also Called mindfulnes, it is a technique that is very precious in meditation, which involves focusing fully on whatever you’re doing. Thanks to that focus and concentration with all your senses and with awareness, you can transform the mental space in which you are. That is to say that you can take your mind of the observation obsessive to the discomfort that produces the panic attack, to the observation of the results of that activity that gives you confidence.

Positive thinking: it is good to have prepared phrases of reassurance for say, as for example: “This already happened to me before and I know that the discomfort is fleeting” or “this feeling essolo transient, it will pass quickly.” It is very beneficial to accept that the body is anxious, and that in some way expresses emotions that were stored in the interior.

The actor is most important during the panic attack is the very person and the type of attitude that is going to exercise at the time of the crisis, that is why there are training tools prior to the crisis and to develop the personal power to face this issue.

Six ways that help to control the panic attacks

1. Bailá several minutes to your favorite song with all the enthusiasm.

2. Sit down with your back straight while esperás you calm down your breathing rhythm by listening to a song and relaxing.

3. Inhalá deeply and exhalá pronouncing the letter “s” long.

4. Repetite internally positive thoughts with respect to the lived moment.

5. Once calm, you performed an activity that you like practicing mindfulness.

6. Llevá a record of your successes in this task of taking your personal power, no matter how small they may seem.

(*) Instructor of Meditation and Astrologer, Founder and Director Astroflor.


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