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Is the capo of all capos of motivation. Nobody like him can turn the drama on muscle. The hurdle in springboard. It’s called Tony Robbins, it seems like Arnold Swarzenegger, and seminars assists people from all over the planet -200 thousand a-year, are bent in vivo, and among his clients was, ever, Nelson Mandela, Lady Di, and the very Mother Teresa. His greatest achievement is a one week seminar, which he teaches once a year it costs five thousand dollars: Appointment with destiny. And that after decades of celebrate, was, for the first time, filmed in a documentary irresistible that shows Robbins in action: “I am Not your guru” –you can watch it in Netflix-. Tony putea, makes jokes, pushes the limit to the participants, and all without losing the smile. What other therapies take years to achieve, Tony says, you can get the same results in less than a day. See it to believe it. “Sometimes there are people that it takes ten years to make a discovery, but that discovery happens in an instant. In my workshops people can have a lot of discoveries of that kind, discoveries unlimited”, it promises to attendees.

Before becoming a referent of the self-improvement staff, attending to athletes, Hollywood stars, and even the army of the united States, Robbins was a hotel concierge. I had several kilos more. He ate as the fret. And his own thoughts of defeat as they came back crazy. I spent the day worried that your old car will take you up to the job, and then take him to the house. He had a mother overprotective that I was taking anti-anxiety drugs and alcohol. And he should take care of her and her brothers. One day he said: “Up to here”. He looked at his life face-to-face, and decided that, from then on, it would create a new him. As well as listening to it. Tony hit rock bottom and, with the strength of will be stripped of old habits and decided that, instead of the life contralara to him, he would control it to life.

In a short time, and thanks to a handful of techniques that range from body language to neuro-linguistic programming, Robbins became unstoppable: became a successful entrepreneur, speaker, attractive and popular, and the hinge of his life was the best example of that, everyone can accomplish what you want. He puts the magnifying glass on why we fail in wanting to change our lives. How we are usually our worst enemy. And reveals how the words that we are sunk, may also be, reenfocadas, that can get us out of the pit.

Robbins is not improvised: it takes several decades giving seminars. Writing books of self-improvement. And their workshops are already, in themselves, initiation rites, and some include to overcome their fears: a walk barefoot through burning embers. “The one who overcomes that he can take anything”, defies Robbins.

Today, Tomy has 18 companies. Is millionaire. Live in a divine house with a view of the sea. Jumping on the trampoline to stay in shape. Meditate each day listening to the music of face to the beach. What it says is a winner. And all of that, using the correct words.

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