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Silicon Valley pierde la cabeza financiando apps de meditación Shutterstock – Denis Vrublevski

In Silicon Valley meditation takes time itself as a resource almost mandatory to survive the long hours of work and the high level demanded by the companies to their employees. And let’s recognize something: there is also fashion. It is not a world suitable for the nervous and the caffeine doesn’t fit with the new standards of life that the entrepreneurs of the warm californian beaches. The new coffee, of the TWENTY-first century, and until a new one, is meditation. And you know this up to the investors to the point of having lost the north in some cases.

The issue is that, for a time, the follies of Silicon Valley may have something of sense; even though they have been gone the hands slightly. Meditation is a technique that provides relaxation and introspection and its benefits have been analyzed by various scientific studies, but also has visionary, and smoke on all sides. Or what is the same: using a truth to sell your story. Because the truth is that meditation has its part of truth and help to curb anxiety levels, but also moves mountains. With a quick look at the apps stores we realize how many entrepreneurs have jumped on the bandwagon of what «zen»: hundreds of applications dedicated to help you meditate, relax and calm the nerves. An explosion in every rule.

But if you do not do miracles, what it does is to move millions of dollars. A company in the united States, specifically in Santa Monica, has as its motto to promote the health and happiness in the world. This claim is well worth the whopping 75,15 million dollars which is what, since 2010, Headspace has managed to raise in funding rounds. In four rounds of which the last has just been announced, and for a value of 36.7 million dollars. Never the meditation had been so profitable, or had managed to monetized beyond the subscription fees to the yoga centers. By means of three payment plans, in which the most expensive is life for 419 dollars, you can have a peaceful life and stress free way app.

The issue of all this is what has happened to that an app dedicated to meditation is in the Pantheon of rounds of financing in the millions. If we start from the comparative point of view, a single round of funding of this company exceeds in amount any closed in Spanish territory in the year so far. And this has two aspects: on the one hand that investors already do not know where to put their capital, or that it is a niche market with a future and realistic expectations. Specifically the money of the musician Jared Leto, and the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, among many others that have wanted to climb on the bandwagon of the new age medicine. And it has been the promotion of the famous landmarks of the area which has made up the success of these companies: Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson have been recognized, users of this application and have even given subscriptions to their employees. The result? More than 8 million active users who enjoy one of the new follies of Silicon Valley and the hundreds of investors eager for a new success are trying to take advantage.

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