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To meditate, since there are a number of different schools, philosophies, and techniques that come from different teachers, cultures and religions.

Quiet, not everything is for women, learning to meditate has no gender, but men also need it. Work, school, kids, all that stress can harm our health, so we recommend that you take the time for you.

The meditation should be more personal and if you want to learn how to do it in sumedico.com we’ll help you find that balance you’re looking for, remember that the main goal is to bring greater health, peace of mind and to find that meaning in our life.

What is meditation

Today we can find endless ways to meditate as there are a number of different schools, philosophies, and techniques that come from different teachers, cultures and religions.

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Remember, meditation is not just for people who have time. To meditate is to concentrate our attention on a sound, on the breath, in our interior, and not allow ourselves to be lead by the mind and its thoughts, is to try to let go of our “shoulds” and forget about all plans of our physical being and daily life for a few moments.

It is ok that all of our emotional pain are caused by our interpretations of the thoughts, sensations and emotions that are processed without control.

How to learn to meditate?

But we will not give you long, best start.

1. Comfortable clothing and that you do not tighten

Take your shoes off and choose a garment wide is the best alternative for you to feel ready to meditate. Forget about tight-fitting garments, and remove your watch, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or other objects that may be annoying. Remember, you’ll be in the same position for minutes, so comfort is paramount.

2. Looking for the perfect place in your home or office

You can have a special room for meditation, or you can also meditate in your own room, living room or even in the garden. Just make sure that the chosen location is clean and tidy, can be quiet (the outside noise is not a problem for meditation, but at the beginning it is more complicated for the concentration).

3. Adopts a comfortable position

There are usually multiple positions to enter in the correct state. The best way to start is to sit in a chair with your spine straight and in a comfortable position, then there is the classical position or semi-lotus sitting on the floor, on a pillow comfortably with the legs crossed or you can even meditate in the position of lying on your back.

4. He begins to count

It starts to count from 50 to 0, slowly, and focused on your breathing. While we perform this meditation, the mind is attentive to every inhalation and every exhalation, without making more effort, if we do well to exercise our mind will enter a state of calm, relaxed and natural, which we can call a meditative state.

It is possible that in this meditative state your mind is diverted with any other thought. When it does happen you just observe the thoughts without getting involved with him. Such as if you can see pass a cloud in the sky, just watch as the thinking within the cloud crosses the sky of your mind without altering its state. You’ll see how with time, it makes it easier to enter the state.

5. I know constant

Meditation can be as long as you want, it is worth to say that the deeper the meditation, the greater benefits it can bring to your life. However just a few minutes a day to begin to perceive a higher mental clarity, overall well-being and better energy levels.

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