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Monrovia – Quincy B touched many hearts and minds with his music. His fan base included people from every spectrum of the society.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The outpouring of love has not been able to stop. FrontPageAfrica has been sampling the views of Liberians on his death.

JB, So Fresh Group

“It is so shocking. Until now, I cannot believe the situation. For me to hear that Quincy B is late is something I cannot believe. It is like a bullet in the heart of Liberian music.

It is not about So Fresh, it is about the whole musical industry. We lost a soldier, we lost a friend, and we lost someone like Michael Jackson to the American musical industry; he is irreplaceable.

The last time I talked to Quincy B was on Tuesday. Someone from America listened to our voter registration awareness song and called me and said they wanted to see me, Quincy B and Eric Geso; and I called Quincy B and told him that somebody wanted to see us Thursday but on Wednesday when I saw him around Eric Geso’s studio, I told him that the person never called me yet.

It was the last time I saw and talked to him.

I did four songs with Quincy B but the song I will remember most is Your Grace. This is the song that will always keep me connected to him. It is a contemporary gospel song.

People always request for this song in the various churches. We are secular musicians but the song separates us from the regular secular musicians because the message in the song goes to everybody. Quincy B is not just a singer he also a musical engineer, a song producer.

For me I do not see any like him. I am going to do a tribute song for him; it is my only way of telling the story about how I will miss him. I never cry before so he is the only one that I cried for, I have never lost someone so closed to me”.

Audrey White

“I do not know Quincy B that well but I felt so sad when I heard the news because he was very young to die in a car accident.

I do not know him that good but I ask some people and they tried to give me his music. I also went on the internet and I listened to some of his music.

He was so talented; so he will be missed for that and his music will live on. When I listened to Quincy B’s music, I said ooh wow his music is so touching.

I can listen to his music on the radio but I do not know him; I do not pay attention to Liberian music, like who sang this music and who sang that music. I can just listen to them.”

Bad Wolf, Vampire, Music CEO

“Actually, I felt downhearted because Quincy was my boy. But you cannot ask God why. His death is a loss to the Liberia musical industry. We have lost one of our mountains. Quincy B was a mountain to the Liberia musical game.

He was a very strong man; he produced lot of artistes, both gospel artistes and secular artistes. I had a personal relationship with him. Right now I do not have any song with Quincy B but I was planning to do a song with Quincy B. 

I am planning to do a tribute either with other Liberian artistes and do it big for our brother because Quincy B was like a blood to me like the late Eddie Moore.

I want to tell the young people out there to keep courage because QB was a brother and a friend to them, his music touches lots of souls.

Young people in school will really feel bad but I really want everyone to keep courage.

Actually, I will remember QB for his songs and some of the artistes he produced. Some artists will come, some will be like Quincy some will be hotter than QB but his name will always lives on”.   

Kanvee Adams, Gospel Artiste

“Today is a very sad day for we the artistes of Liberia, be it gospel artiste, secular artiste – all of us have lost a great talent.

I am deeply saddened by the death of Quincy B. I have not chatted with him personally.

Even my daughter is saddened today by the death of Quincy B and she could not go to school today.

She came back from school and said mother I will do a tribute song for Quincy B.

My daughter sings but she is shy to sing before me but she did that just because of Quincy B.

I am here today to pay a tribute to Quincy B and to say sorry to everybody.” 

Aloysius Moore

“When I heard about death of Quincy B on Kings FM this morning, I felt very sad.

It is a big blow in the Liberian musical game. I am going to remember Quincy B for being so talented. He was a producer and a singer.

He was my best star and I love all of his music but my favorite music from Quincy B is “by his grace”.

He did it with So Fresh and that music Quincy B really played with that music. Quincy B has similar style like Kizzy W.

Now Quincy B is dead, I am sure that KCW is going to step in Quincy B’s shoe because as other people hear Kizzy W singing, their mind will reflect on Quincy B because the two have similar way of singing.”

Natashan Brownell

“I felt so bad when I heard that Quincy B lost his life this morning.

And I am still feeling sad since I heard the news.

I will miss him for a lot of things.

He was different from other musicians.

Quincy was just a cool young man coming up and everyone loves his style. My favorite song from him is Olukupay.

When you listen to his music you feel very much relax, especially for me when I listened to his music I can feel very much relax and his music got so many messages that is why I love it.”

Thomas Korkollie

“When I got the news this morning I felt very bad. I believe that nobody can replace him. What has happened has already happened. God sets everything for a reason.

The pain he left is not easy but we hope that this sorrow will wash away from our heart one day and that we will be able to sit again and laugh whenever we listen to his music.

My favorite music from Quincy B is Belleh Boy.

He was one of the people that put Liberian music on top.

For me, I really used to love hip-hop but since I started listening to Quincy’s songs, I really don’t like to listen to other countries’ music, every time I listened to my country’s music, I felt proud.”

Joseph Avery

“For me, I operate with many artistes. So this morning, I received call from So Fresh and the manager of Champion Design called me and we went on the scene.

It was very terrible and we started to cry. Right now I cannot believe it, the news it is very shocking.

Quincy B will be missed because he is not just an ordinary musician. He was very respectful and he made his legacy with the kind of music he sang. He always used to put his time into the music game.

He used to work every day and late in the evening he will go home. He put too much time in the music game for him to not to reap what he sowed.

Death is appointed to all men so Liberia music just got to keep pushing forward. I have not heard any voice that matches Quincy B’s voice since I have been listening to Liberian music because he has a different kind of singing. I love dance songs so my favorite song I will remember him for is the Touma Baba”.

Bobby Henry, Music Vendor

“Actually when I listened to the radio this morning and they said that Quincy B has died, I did not believe it.

It was so shocking to me. I do not know him in person but I really feel his music.

The man was talented – he could produce and also sing – so to find someone like him is going to take the Liberian musical industry more than a decade.

He will be missed for the messages he put in his song. He also made Liberia proud; that is why many people love him.

I am selling music, many people have not seen him but they can really buy his music and they love him also. People can always come for his music to me.

Even after his death people coming for his music.

You know people used to listen to his voice but many of them never see his face yet but after his death, when people saw his face on Facebook, they were sad. 

Since this morning I have sold over one hundred copies. The music I can really sell most is ‘Your Grace’ – the song he did with So Fresh”.

Mitchell Monii

“This morning when I got the news, I did not believe it.

It was very shocking; I said to myself that it cannot be.

I felt very disappointed.

Even this morning when I decided to go to school, I could not go, I was just feeling weak.

I will miss Quincy B for his talent and my music I love from him is Touma baba.

I think Kizzy W can fill in the gap of Quincy B because when you listen to Kizzy W, he sounds like Quincy B, so in that we will always think that Quincy B is around.”

Rosetta Harris

“Actually, I did not know what to do when I heard the news. We lost one of our brightest talented young artistes. 

It’s so sorrowful but you cannot ask God why. This is a big blow to the Liberian music industry.

For me, he was my favorite Liberian musician and I do not know who I can replace him with.

I will always remember him for his unique style of singing. My favorite music from Quincy B is Olukupay baby.” 


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