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The stress of the day, the pending work or school, and the problems that they are presented, cause to get to the house, the only thing that we want to get to bed without knowing anything more, which can be harmful to health.

Doing this causes sleep to accumulate all the negative emotions, which are accumulating and cause our spirits to be reduced, that we bear with resentment and anger, in addition to that we can get sick more often.

One of the most effective ways to expel the emotions harmful is the meditation that in addition to relax, improve your concentration and even influence in order to achieve the success in what you set out to do.

The meditation is divided into seven types, which we say below. Choose the one that best suits your needs!

Primordial sound meditation

This type is based on the mantras, that is to say, the sounds, words, or phrases that we repeat and vibrate to our mind. The “ommmm” is one of the most well-known.

The greatest benefit you will get is to keep off the noise mental that causes that we do not have calm.

Vipassana Meditation

It is also known as “insight meditation” (meditation of interiorization) and focuses primarily on nasal breathing, and the identification of emotions and thoughts.

The practice will allow us to see things how they really are and not how we want to see. It allows us to understand in detail what happens around us.

Meditation Zazen

It is also known as “Zen” and is characterized by breathing, but not focusing on the nose, but in the movement of the belly.

The main benefit is that we see the negative thoughts that go through our mind, one after the other, to subsequently eliminate them.

Meditation Metta

Also known as Loving Kindness, is a way kind and compassionate to meditate, because it teaches us to empathize better, to face life with greater positivity and to accept ourselves and to others.

Meditation Kundalini

The main objective is to awaken the mind through mantras and chanting.

This type focuses more on the spinal column, as the energy of Kundalini focuses on the lower part of the same. If you arrive at advanced levels of meditation, we can find the so-called enlightenment.

Meditation of the Chakras

According to the hindus, we all have six chakras, which are energy centers distributed all over the body.

For it is required of sounds, good posture of hands, visualization, and focus on each chakra.

Meditation Tonglen

It helps us to connect with that which makes us suffer in order to accept the pain and thus, be able to get rid of him.

It also helps us to leave the negativity, to be more compassionate and empathetic.

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