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As the continuity of the trainings that we carry out for the benefit of the human resource of the State, in the DIGECA, conducted the seminar-workshop “How to deal with Difficult people”, where we count with the participation of 49 public servants in different institutions, such as: Authority cleaning, National Lottery, Ministry of the Presidency, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Security, Ministry of Education, among others; we had as an exhibitor of this activity to the degree David Race, psychologist of the Meritorious Body of Firemen of Panama.

Toxic people and even conflicting defy logic. Are unaware of the negativity they spread, gaining satisfaction from creating chaos. They create unnecessary complexity, strife, and make it more likely the stress within a work environment, said Race.

Similarly, we should identify styles of attitudes difficult, and how to manage them, to recognize some personality types are difficult and what are its major trends, employ techniques of Neurolinguistic Programming to modify (and ethically) difficult behaviors, develop techniques for handling conflicting emotions and develops the communicative skills of the participant and develop the power of “listening”; these were some of the recommendations of the specialist.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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