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The days 29, 30 and 31 August will be held a seminar of relaxation, concentration and meditation in the Theater of the municipality. The workshop is organized by the group Gnosis San Francisco, with free admission for the entire community.

Susana Schvezov, organizer, explained that this was a seminar theoretical and practical where they teach you the basics and the benefits of learning to meditate. “Obviously that in three days not going to learn everything, but it does give you the guidelines and you are going to practice there,” he said.


The Tuesday, August 29, at 20.30 will be talking about stress and the benefits of a full breath and relaxation.

Wednesday, August 30, also at 20.30, we will talk about concentration and the mind. “Many times the mind takes us to places we don’t want to go, he is the master of our thoughts. Then we have to get to be the masters of our mind and that is achieved through the concentration,” he added Schvezov.

In both, the Thursday, August 31, will discuss the science of meditation. “To get to that is to learn to relax, to concentrate, to relax the physique and the mind. After newly come to that state of meditation. It is as a swimmer, that you first learn to dive, to move the arms and legs, you learn separately until long swim,” said the woman.


Schvezov explained that the participation to the seminar will be free because the goal is to “make people be better, be happy and learn why they are not happy, but we have to discover them.”

“This knowledge is gnostic. Has the tools to do it, and we put them at the disposal of the entire population that wants to meet you”, he added.

From this first experience will be offered, then, a course that consists of 23 lessons, divided into two classes weekly. “When one begins to discover that there are ways to get out of the state of depression, state of anxiety, we offer courses. They are called courses of self-knowledge, because when you know you can get to know each other. ‘Man know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods’, says the Oracle of Delphi,” he said.

Of municipal interest

It should be noted that the previous workshop that gave Gnosticism was declared of municipal interest. “We have registered this association called the Association for Gnostic Studies of Anthropology and Sciences of America, Confederate, because the object of study is the whole universe, we are the micro cosmos. Then we begin to know ourselves. Is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization. In San Francisco the workshop that we gave on the 28th of July was declared of municipal interest and we are organizing to give it to all the employees of the Municipality,” he told the woman.

For all

According to Schvezov, this seminar “does not distinguish race, religion, social class, or even the cultural level, because sometimes people who are not so intellectual reach states of meditation much higher than a person who is all the day hovering around the mind.”

“It’s been proven scientifically, the medicine has already proven, that serves to heal and prevent diseases”, he concluded.


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